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Highlander The Celebration, how appropriate this title was for this event. Indeed A celebration of Highlander: The Series, it's creators, the stars and most importantly the fans. From around the world we all converged on Anaheim California, oddly mirroring the often referenced GATHERING in the world of Highlander. This was to be the mother of all conventions and it did not disappoint, at least not me.

Many thanks go to Gina, Misti, Christine, Kerry, Melissa, Jennifer, Robert, Pavel and the countless others who worked night and day (I saw them I know) and who made this a true celebration.

I had no great expectations going in, other than the trepidation of finally meeting face to face people with whom I had shared myself for almost the last two years. We were all drawn together first in a bulletin board system, then email, chat rooms and phone calls. This was to be no small event. Not only would I see in one contained area the cast, staff and crew of the TV show, but my friends, my kindred spirits if you will. I don't know which caused me more apprehension. Would I be disappointed in the stars, or would my Internet friends be more disappointed in me. We had people flying in from literally around the world, our friend Beltane from Australia, fullmoon and frank from Canada, others from across our own 50 states. Stardust all the way from New Jersey to California for the first time, Jazz from Texas, and Ziggystar and Vendlyn from Seattle, and our dear Mousie from Denver.  What a stellar group we were to be for the next few days.

What follows is but one persons view of this celebration. The unexpected suprises along the way, and the fellowship and yes love shared during this one brief moment in time. Oh and lets not forget the close encounters of the highlander kind!

Those attending included: (in alphabetical order)

The Principals
  • Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod) bio    pictures
  • Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noel) bio  pictures
  • Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda) via satellite bio  picture
  • Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson) bio
  • Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan) bio  pictures
  • Peter Wingfield (Methos) bio   pictures

  • Rapier

    Special Guest Stars
  • Anthony De Longis (Consone & Kurlow) bio   Homepage
  • Bruce A. Young (Carl Robinson) bio
  • James Horan (Grayson) bio
  • Myles Ferguson (Kenny) bio
  • Ocean Hellman (Alexa) bio
  • Peter Hudson (Horton) bio
  • Roger Daltrey (Fitzcairn) bio
  • Valentine Pelka (Kronos) bio
  • (A LAST MINUTE CANCELLATION Claudia Christian ( Katherine in Two of Hearts ) )



  • Executive Producers: Peter Davis and Bill Panzer
  • Creative Consultant: David Abramowitz
  • Associate Creative Consultants: Gillian Horvath & Donna Lettow
  • Post Production Consultant: Don Paonessa
  • Swordmaster: F. Braun McAsh bio

  • Top Ten Star Sightings at The Celebration

    Con Memories

    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Saturday 04/11/98
    Day 4
    Tony & Fencer? Barb as a horseman Tea with WHO? The Concert!

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