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The American Spotted Paso Registry

For Breed Registry Information Or Applications Write To:

The American Spotted Paso is classified into two types of registration. There are the 'B' registered horses - Those having between 50% and 74% documented Peruvian blood, and then there are the 'A' registered horses - those having a documented 75% or more Peruvian blood.
All registered horses must have at least '1' purebred Peruvian parent registered in either the AAOBPPH or PPHRNA. The horse being registered must also pass both a gait inspection as well as a color inspection by video tape. No trotting horses will be accepted for registration.
For all non-purebred horses applying for registration, the other percentage of the horses heritage must be a registered horse from an 'approved' gaited horse registry. For information on which breeds are 'approved' as gaited breeds by the ASPR, please write for our current information packet.

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