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Tomb Raider/Lara Croft Home Page

Lara Croft

Good Links:

Eidos Interactive= Lara's Creators
Prima Games= A place to get games secrets/cheats
ICQ= A great communication program
Angelfire= A really good place to make web pages


All About Lara

Taken from the somewhat recently produced 'The Lara Croft Style Sheet.'

Name: Lara Croft

Nationality: Brittish

Birthplace: Wimbledon, Surrey

Marital Status: Single

Blood: AB-

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Hair: Dark Brunette

Eyes: Dark Brown

Favorite Movie:Deliverance

Favorite Bands: U2, NIN...trance music for training

Favorite Food: Beans on toast

Favorite Mode of Transport: Norton Streetfighter Bike

Fears: Her Auntie's Corgi

Education: Private Tutor(3-11), Wimbledon High School for Girls(11-16), Gordonstoun Boarding School(16-18), Swiss Finishing School(18-21)

Family:Daughter of Lord Henshingly know the rest(plane crash, etc.,etc...its in the manual). Apparently she is supposed to marry the Earl of Farringdon.

Work: Writes books to fund lifestyle. Titles so far include A Tyrannosaurus is Jawing at My Head and Slaying Bigfoot

Cheat codes for Tomb Raider 2 (PLAYSTATION)


Step Left, Right, Left, Back, Forward, Turn around three(3) times, and do a forward jump and immediatly press the Roll button.


Step Left, Right, Left, Back, Forward, Turn around three times, and do a Backwards Jump and immediatly press the Roll button.

I'll try to find cheats for PC soon...

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