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Be smart, be safe

Here you will find many recources to help you or anyone you know who is being harrassed or stalked through the Internet. Some of these organizations can trace online perpetrators (CyberAngels) and some have "Virtual Cops" who actually patrol the Net looking for scams, stalkers and sexual predators. Remember, you may feel safe in your living room chatting, but always be safe and don't give out personal information.

We all know there's a lot of dummies out there that are basically harmless. The Internet has created a whole new world for us. People sit behind their computers and are emboldened by the anonymity of it, they say things they would never say face to face. Death threats are rampant. We dont usually take them seriously. The sad thing is, out of all the dumb jerks talking through they're you know whats, some of them really mean it.



Web Police

National Victim Center


Women Halting Online Abuse

webtv abuse

You will need to forward a copy of an abusive letter here.


If you are threatened


CSA Help

Click here if you have received a solicitation that you believe is fraudulent, even if you haven't lost money to it, your information may be helpful in combatting scamspam.

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