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Last updated July 1st, 2003
0015TTC logo

Remember the InfoBus? It was a GMDD TDH-5303 (serial C075, originally numbered 3315) that the TTC had renumbered 0015, removed the seats, blanked off the passenger windows and turned into a mobile exhibit hall and information office. It was often used at the C.N.E., rapid transit openings and open houses. Later on (and uniquely for a Toronto bus), a small, auxiliary sign-box was added on the curb side of the front dash where regular TTC buses normally display their run number. Below are the exposures on its destination signs:

Destination Sign
TTC crestthe
Better Way
Info Bus
No Stops
Welcome Aboard
Not In Service
615 Express
see sign below

Dash Sign
The Better Way
Have A
Nice Day
Not Run 16
No Stops

Other non-revenue buses that the TTC has operated are
117GMC TDH-4507 s/n 2553Hoist test vehicle; ex 1171. Remained in regular service colours with only the final "1" painted out. Seats removed when converted and ballasted with sand, concrete and scrap metal. Retired in 1982.
266MCI MC-8 s/n S11296Transit Trainer mobile classroom; ex GCL 2266, 1986. Painted white with a red stripe.
571GMC PD-4104 s/n 2216Transit Trainer mobile classroom; ex GCL 1820. Painted maroon (upper) and white (lower), separated by a wide cream stripe running from the top front to bottom rear, and displaying both TTC and GCL emblems.
792Ford 72TDisplay only, owned by OERHA; originally Kitchener Transit 20.
920GMC TDH-5301 s/n 598Hoist test vehicle; ex 2920. Seats removed, rear doors sealed and water ballast tank installed when converted in 1982. Painted red and cream.