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Mississauga Transit Route Sign - c. 1982-99

These signs date from the early- to mid-1980s. The side sign was installed in some of the Orion Is, which have now received electronic signs. The front sign shows the full text of the last roll signs to be used in Missisauga. All 100 exposures are listed alphabetically on the sign. The word "East" in Dundas East has been blanked out. An "N" beside an exposure means that it has never been used as a route or destination.

Submitted by Rob Meade & Sean Marshall

Side Front
 Route 1 
 Route 2 
 Route 3 
 Route 4 
 Route 5 
 Route 6 
 Route 7 
 Route 8 
 Route 9 
 Route 10 
 Route 11 
 Route 12 
 Route 13 
 Route 14 
 Route 15 
 Route 16 
 Route 17 
 Route 18 
 Route 19 
 Route 20 
 Route 21 
 Route 22 
 Route 23 
 Route 24 
 Route 25 
 Route 26 
 Route 27 
 Route 28 
 Route 29 
 Route 30 
 Route 31 
 Route 32 
 Route 33 
 Route 34 
 Route 35 
 Route 36 
 Route 37 
 Route 38 
 Route 39 
 Route 40 
 Route 41 
 Route 42 
 Route 43 
 Route 44 
 Route 45 
 Route 46 
 Route 47 
 Route 48 
 Route 49 
 Route 50 
 Out of Service 
 Aimco Ind. 
 Applewood Plaza 
 Bloor East 
 Bloor West 
 Bramalea  N 
 Bramalea City Centre  N 
 Brampton  N 
 Britannia Ind. 
 Burnhamthorpe East 
 Burnhamthorpe West 
 Burnhamthorpe "GO" 
 C.N.E. Special 
 Cawthra North 
 Cawthra South 
 Central Erin Mills 
 Clarkson "GO" 
 Cooksville "GO" 
 Credit View 
 Credit Woodlands 
 Dixie - Bloor 
 Dixie - Dundas 
 Dixie "GO" 
 Dixie Industrial 
 Dixie Plaza 
 Dixie Rd North 
 Dixie Rd South 
 Dundas East 
 E a s t 
 East Credit 
 Eglinton East 
 Eglinton West 
 Erindale Station Rd 
 Etobicoke Hospital 
 Humber College 
 Glengarry Road 
 Hurontario North 
 Hurontario South 
 International Airport 
 International Centre 
 Islington Subway 
 Kipling Subway 
 Limited Stops 
 L i s g a r 
 Long Branch 
 Lorne Park 
 M a l t o n 
 Malton East 
 Malton West 
 Malton Ind. South 
 Malton Ind. West 
 Malton "GO" 
 Meadowvale North 
 Meadowvale West 
 Town Centre 
 Meadow Wood - Orr 
 Myerside Ind. 
 N o r t h 
 Oakville  N 
 Oakville East  N 
 Out of Service 
 Pine Loop 
 Port Credit 
 Port Credit "GO" 
 Queensway Hospital  N 
 Race Track 
 Rexdale-Islington Ave 
 Sheridan Mall 
 Shopper's World 
 Short Turn 
 S o u t h 
 South Common 
 Square One 
 Streetsville "GO" 
 Tomken Ind Park 
 W e s t 
 Westwood Mall 
 Winston Churchill N 
 Winston Churchill S 

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