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Guelph Transportation Commission 1998 Destination Sign

This sign, dated 2/6/98, is from Guelph Transportation Commission 149, a 1998 Orion 06.501. Front and side readings are exactly the same. I assume that the reason the routes are not in numeric (or alphabetic) order, unlike most cities, is to reduce the amount of winding required when changing from one through-running route to another.

8General Hospital 
9Stone Rd. Mall 
51G o r d o n 
53U of G Express 
D o w n t o w n
1W o o d l a w n 
4Y o r k   R o a d 
7St. Joseph Hosp. 
24I n d u s t r i a l 
22C o n e s t o g a 
 21Willow West Mall 
Centennial C.V.I.
R o s s   C. V. I.
Guelph C.V.I.
L o u r d e s
S p e c i a l
C h a r t e r
Not in Service
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