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                               Wednsday, December 13, 1997
  Now you can finally play the greatly awaited games Stellar Mercanaries & Deep Trouble. Both games are of such high-quality you would expect to see them on store shelves for $49.99. But no, you they are available now, for free! Oceanliners can now play the single-player demo versions of each game. Deep Trouble is about 20MB download and Stellar Mercanaries is about a 10MB download, Each available in numerous 3MB segments. Deep Trouble is Mechwarrior meets Sub Culture kind of kind, taking place deep under the surface of the ocean in the near future. Stellar Mercanaries is a Space Combat sim like no other you have ever seen (Unless youve heard of DESCENT 3: FREESPACE). I very highly recommend you go download them both RIGHT NOW from Happy Gaming, and Merry Christmas!
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