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Welcome to my Katie Holmes page!

Katie Holmes was born on Dec. 18th 1978, in Toledo Ohio. She is currently 19 years old, and living by-herself in Wilmington, North Carolina. For those of you who have asked Katie Holmes is 5'8" according to her although people do like to fib a bit on their own height. Her father is a lawyer and her mother is a homemaker. Katie is the youngest of her parents 5 children, which I can tell you from personal experience is quite a adventure. Katie attended the Notre Dame Academy where she performed her now famous Lola in Damn Yankees, the play was a joint effort with the neighboring boy’s school St. John’s Jesuit, so those of you wondering, yes Katie went to a all girl school. Which helps to add with her girl next door image she has attained.

Durring the hiatus between the first and second season of "Dawson’s Creek" Katie is filming 3 movies, "Disturbing Behavior", "Go", and "Killing Ms. Tingle"

More to come soon!
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Please come back soon as I will be adding new stuff all the time!

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