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Wax: The wax that I use for votives is 140 melt point. Some people use 130 mp and that is good too. The single pour doesn't make good molded candles because they are so soft.

Additives: I use vybar if I am going for a soft color or a solid look. I also use stearine, which helps prevent hot weather sag and makes the wax opaque.

Wick: I use 44-24-18z in my votives, with the harder wax I think it is important to use the bigger wick.

Tips: Always do a test burn on your candles. When testing a votive test it in a roly poly type votive holder. This will allow for a maximum melt pool. Which will result in the best scent throw.

Votives can be made from votive molds, plastic or metal or even dixie cups. For the plastic and metal molds first wipe the insides down with a kleenex coated in mold release or pam. Then put your wick and wick clip in the mold, this can be done after the wax has been poured. Pour your wax into the mold makeing sure that the wick is straight. Allow to cool. The wax will form a well and will need to be refilled. Don't use all your wax! By allowing your candles too cool you will have to fill the void less often.

After pouring relef holes in the cooling candle reheat wax. Making sure that it is hot, but becareful to not exceed a safe temprature. Then pour your wax, this pour should melt part of the previous opur so that you will not have any repour lines. What I do when I repour is put the molds on a cookie sheet and when I pour I pour all over the top of the candle. It is messy but it is easy to clean up, I just scrape the wax off the cookie sheet and reheat. But this procedure results in nice smooth tops on your finished candle.