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Candles For Sale

These are sites to finished candles that I have found. These candles are truely beautiful!

Down East Candle Container candles.

Ed's Candle Castle Beautiful chunk and layered candles.

Just Wick Same type as above, Just beautiful!

Verday Candles Beautiful huricane candle ideas.

Cool candles I don't think that I could figure out how these candles are made, but they sure are neat to look at.

Candlot Beautiful finished candles for sale.

Candles Tall and Small This link will take you to some of the most interesting candles I have seen. Floresent, and candles that will glow under black light.

Lighthouse CandlesContainer candles, and a refill program.

Aspen Candles Visit this old fashioned online candle shop featuring hand poured, highly fragrant candles. Wholesale / Retail

WillowWoods Flowers & Gifts retail or wholesale, votives, chunk Pillars and country bumpkins pillars.

Tahoe Candles

Valley Candle Works

Scentual Beginnings

Heartland Candleworks 100% vegetable soy candles. Nine different product lines to chose from including aromatherapy blends.

Skyline Blue Candle Works

One Drop Candles specializing in handmade custom designs and reggae candles!

Do you have a link that you would like to see on this page? Let me know! It might take some time I do not edit this page all the time, and I have very little time on my hands. :o) Thanks!