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Billy Meier Conversation with Semjase

The following is Copyrighted by Wendelle Stevens ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Reprinted with permission. Reprinted from the book Message From the Pleiades: available from

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Meier- Yes. Okay, I thought so. But what about the pretensions then, that humans have received messages from Angels or from God, etc., by inspirations? Ptaah 207/ In a few cases, such inspirations are true, but they never contain religious information. 208/ Religions exist solely on your own Earth. They do not exist anywhere else in the Universe. 211/ Same space-traveling people have brought Earth religions to other planets but only for the purpose of studying them. Meier- Those are strong words. We are told on Earth, especially by the Christians, that Jesus Christ is the actual master and ruler of all the worlds in the Universe. He is regarded as a God incarnate and is seen as equal to The Creation itself. What can you say about this? Ptaah 214/ We know these delusions of your world, but consider if it were true, which is impossible, then in all probability not the human beings of Earth would be the race to whom would be allocated the task of publishing a religion. 216/ As, for many millenniums on many worlds of the Universe, the Earth human represents the most materialistic creature development, deficient in spiritual evolution for the run of millenniums. 217/ It is a known fact on many worlds, that the Earth human being defies (real) spiritual growth and develops himself only within gross materialism. It would really be a paradox of supreme magnitude if such an one, among those available, were chosen for such universal destiny (and he can not even leave his planet or system). 218/ But in spite of this, the Earth humans abrogates to himself the immeasurable arrogance of this presumption while he revels in his materialistic mania of which we know no equal. 219/ This, precisely, is a real danger, for as soon as the Earth human becomes master of the technologies for space-drive and travels to strange worlds, and brings them by power of his weapons or lies or deceit under his control, so also will he include in his doing, the crazy spread of his religion to his conquests, and the existing universal harmony will be destroyed. 221/ This means that the still guaranteed peace would be destroyed by your religions and degenerate to murderous wars and great destruction.(16) 222/ And just to prevent this occurrence is a great and difficult mission for spiritually developed space-traveling forms of life...
Semjase- 239/ Earth humans still don't know very many things. 240/ But now we have to interrupt our conversation, because my father has finished his preparations for the great leap. 244/ And as I am already speaking of such, then I want to ask you something: In a few minutes, we will jump for seven minutes into the "eternity", as you call it. 245/ The feelings and sensations there are completely otherwise than in normal existence in material life. 246/ For that reason it is also not possible for us to receive your thoughts and feelings with proper concentration. 247/ In consequence of which neither I nor my father, nor any of us, could later repeat for you your feelings and thoughts, so that you could write them down. 248/ If you nevertheless wish to do this, then there is a chance on a technical basis. Meier- Of course I am interested in remembering my feelings, but, am I not able to do this myself? Semjase- 249/ But surely... 250/ But you know that your own ability to remember is not developed so highly that you can repeat word for word from memory. 251/ That as well is the case for us, for which we need technical assistance for true word repeats. Meier- I understand. What do you suggest then? Naturally I am interested in writing everything in detail. Semjase- 252/ That's not difficult. 253/ The booths, which you can see there, beside the screens, are equipped with all necessary means, to store up feelings and thoughts.(15) 254/ The thought impulses received are stored in a special computer and can later, as may be desired, be repeated word for word from it. 255/ The helmet, shapable and adaptable in size, which you see there, is equipped with very fine sondes and is as well covered by a special, fine-meshed net of sondes which pick up every kind of energy and transforms it into impulses which are then transmitted to the computer where they are registered and stored. 256/ The energy of thoughts and feelings is measured in very high values and can be received only through those instruments. 257/ The energies of feelings and thoughts exist only in very high frequency fields, or hyper-frequencies. 258/ To now be able to register your thoughts and feelings, it is necessary that you place yourself into the chair and lay the head under the helmet cap, which then will adapt itself automatically to your head. Meier- That's all I have to do? Semjase- 259/ No, that is not all. 260/ But now place yourself in the booth. 261/ The great journey starts in just 23 seconds. Meier- At your service, Miss General. (As Semjase explained to me, I quickly sit down inside one of the three booths, in the extremely comfortable chair. As soon as I have seated myself, the peculiar helmet moves over my head and sinks down silently. It is big enough that it closes around my whole head, and only leaves my face open, thus I can see and watch everything. But the helmet is not touching my head; only lying close around it, keeping about one and a half centimeters distance to the skull, as I can see when I place a forefinger between the helmet and the head. Now I am tense and expectant, for I wonder what is going to happen. Ptaah and Semjase manipulate the apparatus, and now I can see again how the fantastic heavens and stars change. In a fraction of a second they are nothing more than a whitish milky mass, a shining mass, as I have already seen in the other hyper-leaps. But now suddenly as well, this milky whitish shining is gone and there is darkness. But now what is this? Suddenly all is merging into a golden color, and now everything is like silver. But - my dear this glistening light, this beaming shining splendor! Everything is merged into glistening light - only the glistening light. It is stronger than all the suns of the Universe... Dear, oh dear, this glistening light, and it does not hurt the eyes! Dear, this must be eternity, the glistening light of the eternal... but see, there is nothing besides the eternity; man alive, how marvelous! Marvelous? Man alive, that is itself marvelous. Eternity and marvelousness are one and the same. Only why do I separate it? Why do I put the eternity into terms of time? Time does not exist, and the eternity is marvelous. Man, just what is this? This tranquility, this peace -- what is it? How could I have achieved this? Love, oh that deep all encompassing love. Nothing is there, but LOVE: wonderful, marvelous. Oh yes, I am, but I am not. Everything is so deep, and full of love. Of course, I am eternity, and I am inside of eternity. How could I ever forget this? Oh yes, I am a human being, how can I... why do I forget that? I am only a guest in eternity - and those loving voices, calling for me, from where is it coming? I can see nothing, only the glistening light, comforting. Who is calling me? I see nothing; man alive, I am nothing any more. I can't see myself. I a eternity, in the eternity. Oh, how is that, but I don't see with my eyes, still I see everything. And I am not listening with my ears, yet I hear everything. Yes, the love, how powerful it is, how immense, infinite and wonderful. Everything is love and splendor; why doesn't the human being understand this? ... The calling comes out of the light. Is it the call of eternity? Oh how hard it is... to not think that I am only a guest in eternity, that I am only a human being. How painful it is, this being a human. I do no more want to be. I want to remain here as eternity inside of eternity... this deep. Yes, I want to stay here. Never again do I want to return. Here is the existence, the real existence... How can I feel strange having to return to a material world? I belong here................................................. Pain, why are you shaking me? What is it? Semjase- 262/ Do you still not understand? Meier I - - - Oh yes, of course! - - - Pitiful - very much pitiful - why have you brought me back here? Semjase- 263/ You want to joke, but we have all been inside the timelessness, and would all like to stay there. 264/ But we are not ready to stay, because we have to absolve the way of evolution step-by-step - as you also must do, dear friend. 265/ I know quite well, how painfully your heart aches now, as we all have experienced the same thing. 266/ But we have to adjust ourselves for that and do know, that under no circumstances or conditions are we allowed or able to remain, until we have reached that level of consciousness. 267/ I do regret very much that you feel disturbed inside, as I can see it on your face. 268/ But you will overcome it, because you can think about it realistically. 269/ For that reason we also took responsibility for this equipment...