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Meier's Guides

Meier Contacts With Descriptions

This is a description of Each of the Extraterrestrials whom Billy encountered whilst in contact with the Plejarans.


Asket's home planet exists in a twin universe to our own called "Dal." Her race, the Timars (pronounced "timmarz"), emigrated to the Dal Universe about 50,000 years ago from our own universe, which is called "Dern." They accomplished this by creating a gateway through a highly advanced technology.

Although she is not a Plejaran, the young-looking, blonde-haired Asket greatly assisted Billy in the preparation for his mission. Her subtle influence guided Billy for 12 years through many lands of Earth to learn and experience various cultures, belief systems and earthly knowledge in general. Asket also took Billy on time travel trips into the past to allow him to see firsthand the true nature of many historical events. The main concern of her people was to assist the Plejarans in monitoring earthly affairs since they know that we are on a very dangerous course in our evolution. She explained to Billy that we are nearing a time when we cannot only destroy ourselves, but are threatening the balance of cosmic space as well.

At the end of his contacts with Asket, Billy was given the opportunity to take several photos of her onboard her spacecraft since she would no longer be active on Earth. Just like the Plejarans, their somewhat elongated earlobes are the only anatomical difference.


Semjase is 344 years old. She is about 1.7 metres tall, slender, young, pretty, fair-skinned, with sparkling blue eyes and light-blond hair. Her extended, somewhat elongated earlobes provide her with a special feature. This is the only anatomical difference that distinguishes her from our women on Terra (Earth). Due to her exceptional knowledge, which far exceeds even the average person on her home planet, Erra, she carries the rank of a demi-Jshrjsh (pronounced: ish-rish), which means a demi-queen of wisdom or a demi-goddess as this person was referred to in earlier times on Earth, as seen in Greek mythology.

Having occupied herself with various matters relating to our planet years before she made contact with Billy on January 28, 1975, Semjase is by far the most knowledgeable extraterrestrial regarding our situation here on Earth. During the period from February 1965 through June 1973, she remained in the DAL Universe with Asket's people. Upon her return from the DAL Universe(1) to Erra, she came to Earth in July 1973, and in a hidden station continued to carry out the tasks she previously performed here.

(1) The DAL Universe is a parallel or twin universe to our DERN Universe that came into existence the same time as ours.

Semjase(2) was once married but lost her husband with whom she had been married for only seven years. Her spouse participated in a foreign galaxy research expedition. At the time, 200 years ago, hyperspace technology was not yet known to the Pleiadians/Plejarans. Of the two dispatched research ships only one returned home safely after eleven years; the other ship, with her husband on board, unfortunately suffered control damage and crashed into a sun. Semjase bore no children in her marriage.

(2) A lock of her hair can be found in the archives of the Semjase Silver Star Center.

Her first contact with Billy took place on January 28, 1975. Semjase chose German as an earthly language to master, and she learned no other before November 1984, when, due to health reasons, she left Earth. During her time on Earth she restricted her work exclusively to regions of Europe and was unauthorized to involve herself in matters of establishing contact with other Pleiadian/Plejaran work groups on Earth outside Europe, e.g., in America and Asia. Unfortunately, on December 15, 1977, Semjase had a life-threatening accident at the Semjase Silver Star Center in Hinterschmidrüti (Switzerland), and was immediately whisked to Erra, her Pleiadian/Plejaran home planet, for medical treatment and rehabilitation. In May 1978, she returned to Earth and resumed her contacts with Billy until March 26, 1981. From March 1981 until the end of January 1984 she had no contacts with Billy since other duties prevented her from visiting him. February 3, 1984, was the date of her final contact with Billy. Due to her accident on December 15, 1977, Semjase suffered a cerebral collapse the beginning of November 1984, and she was taken directly to the DAL Universe, where she is now recuperating with the help of Asket and her friend Sonaer. Semjase's father, Ptaah, explains that the complete regeneration of her brain and all PSI powers, abilities and her memory loss during her collapse will likely take about seventy Earth years. During this convalescent period, she will spend most of her time in the DAL Universe. N0 possible communication linkage exists between the DAL and DERN (our) Universes - the only possible communication is achieved when beings actually traverse the distance and bring the communiqué with them. There is no possible mode for a person to establish telepathic, let alone personal, contact with Semjase while she is in the DAL Universe.

The above sketch of Semjase was drawn by E. Eichenberger with Billy's descriptions.


Ptaah is approximately 770 Terran(Earth) years old and has fathered three children, Semjase, Pleja and a son, Jucata who is no longer alive. Ptaah is the commander of the Pleiadian spaceship fleet and holds the rank of an JHWH(1) (pronounced: ish-wish) and means "king of wisdom." In earlier times, this word was translated as "God" but not in the sense of a creator.

(1) An JHWH possesses the highest degree of knowledge and wisdom that humans can possibly acquire as long as they have a material body.

A king of wisdom has the duty of standing by his people and providing his help and advice. He also presides over some inhabited planets but cannot assume the role of a despotic ruler, a predicament that occurred to some extent on Earth in earlier times. Ptaah currently presides over three planets. We know two of the planets, Erra and Terra.


Quetzal is 464 years old, 1.90 metres (6'4") tall, has blue-grey eyes and light-brown hair. He is spoiled and catered to by four pretty wives and is the father of six children. His wives are very good friends of Semjase and wish that Semjase were the fifth in their marital unit. Quetzal and Semjase, however, share opposite opinions on this matter, and it seems that the other wives' wish cannot be fulfilled. During the eleven-year contact period with Billy (1975-1986), Quetzal was the commander of all Pleiadian stations in our SOL System. According to Billy, Quetzal possesses enormous abilities, especially in technology. He is also quite a distinguished inventor who has conceived and constructed several very useful devices for Billy and FIGU that have been of great help in the fulfilment of their mission.


We know relatively little about Semjase's sister, Pleja. According to Billy, she is a vibrant, adventurous creature with long, black hair. During one visit, Pleja was absolutely determined to ride Billy's moped (a bicycle with a small motor), since no such vehicle existed on Erra. Semjase was of a different opinion. As she put it, she would never place herself upon such a dangerous vehicle.


Florena is a young 163 year-old Pleiadian/Plejaran woman who is Billy's most recent and new contact person. She does research and answers questions on behalf of Ptaah when he is unable to visit and speak with Billy in person. The name "Florena" means "one that is blooming."

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