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Von Schtick castle is the home of Mad Scientist Dr. Von Schtick and his tiny accident of a creation; Shrimpenstein! Tiny jelly beans spill inside Von Schtick's Frankenstein machine, bolts of volts bring to life a half pint little monster with a swell personality.













But Shrimpy and the Doctor aren't the only ones that reside at the castle...Klaus, a rather big, furry, blue arm (not unlike Fang on The Soupy Sales Show), Wilfred the Wiener Werewolf, The Tijuana Bats and of course, "IT" all call Von Schtick castle home.







Wilfred has his own window at the castle and it seems to show a lot of stock film footage of nature as Wilfred comments on it all. The Tijuana Bats are always hanging around their cave as is "IT" behind his wood and iron bar door. Klaus comes in often too. There are others lurking in the castle shadows, but we won't bother them, they could get nasty.




Gene Moss was the talented host of The Shrimpenstein Show, where along with Jim Thurman they did thier puppeteering best to keep kids in the mid-1960's entertained. KHJ-Channel 9 was his station home and was connected to KHJ Boss Radio. From 1965-1967, Monday through Friday at 5:00pm the show would transform every kid's living room into a mad monster castle, complete with an iron maiden for a front door.








The show was clever enough for adult viewers while never losing sight of the children whom watched. (Jim Thurman went on to do more children's television after the show ended). Gene sung the catchy theme song. In between skits, Gene showed cartoons, usually the hysterically stilted 1960's Marvel superhero ones. Gene and Jim actually worked on a cartoon together predating Shrimpenstein called "Roger RamJet" as writers and vocal talent. Some of you out there may remember Roger Ramjet, a sly bit of cartooning in the vein of Jay Ward's Rocky and Bullwinkle.

You could join the Shrimpenstein fan club and gather up such cool things as Monster Green Stamps (stickers, perhaps they should have been called "Von Schtick-ers")?


Get your Monster Green Stamps HERE!

Listen to the Shrimpenstein song!





 A special thanks goes out to Cris Sandstrom who had the good sense to keep her 45 rpm single all these years and for sharing it with Local Legends! Thanks Cris!

And a 45rpm of the great theme song among other goodies. If you are interested in visiting with Shrimpy and the gang again just click on the Real Media movie links below. (Don't have Real Media? Download it for free here: Get Real Media)



These are larger files, so loading time may vary...and remember: though he's small he can't be mean, he's just a little walking jelly bean.




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