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Songs of the Pogo

Songs of the Pogo
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The complete karaoke version of:
Go Go Pogo

It is interesting to note that significant discrepancies exist between the notation published in the songbook and the orchestrations with embellishments which were recorded for the album. Although I've attempted to be faithful to the lyric and note as written, several songs are extended by my orchestrations and lyrics oft recalled from my childhood while seated in LASFS Filk circles. One particular favorite of mine is not represented here, which is Don't Sugar Me embedded within Whence That Wince?. but my performance of the mash-up can be found on YouTube.
One such delightful inclusion was at the end of "Wry Song" just because "the maid was on the clothesline, hanging by her toes - Along came the North-wind, and thar's the way she blows." that I heard sung by Walt Kelly in person in such a filk circle (but not LASFS, it was an ASCAP after-party at William Rotsler's place (many of the same folk - fewer Sci-Fi, more cartoonists.)((Bill, what a guy! yay! and thanks for dying on MY bed.))
And speaking of YouTube, several covers have been made of Songs of the Pogo as seen on YouTube, Most are by amateurs such as myself and notably They Might Be Giants (I wouldn't sound so amateurish if I had my own trumpet [Olds Ambassador Ser # 983983 ] which was stolen along with my magic act by the gardener, instead of the almost toy if it weren't made of brass 43 rupee Indian student model which leaks at every valve (including spit) giving it a breathy/airy sound and shipped to ding in the tube at the back bend giving it a built-in pinch mute and the rounded rim mouthpiece unworthy of a beginner, not to mention the ineffective valve pads causing end of stroke clicks. That's right, I blame the instrument, and given that P.O.S. (for my birthday as a replacement so I could practice) the technique and musicianship is notched-up to compensate, but the singing is professional quality and my whistling is world-class.)
The MIDIs (Multiple Instrument Digital Interface (via Wikipedia),) or actually the SMFs (Standard MIDI Files,) featured on this website have been modified from others I've found on the net, or sequenced myself to prevent copyright infringement and constitute arrangements by myself. You can find some gathered here:
* Track #s, which were not included on the vinyl album, yet exist in the song book, also show lyric lines which link back here. However ALL lyrics can be seen as karaoke when using Winamp or other player superior to Windows Media Player (nearly all are superior) to playback the downloadable .mid file.

  1. Go Go Pogo 1 GOGOPOGO.mid As Maine go o so Pogo go Key Largo Trumpet arrangement by wiz & N.Monath
  2. A Song Not For Now 5 SONGNOTNOW.mid A song not for Now you need not put stay
  3. Don't Sugar Me 10 DONTSUGAR.mid Oh, I may be your dish of tea, but baby don't you "Sugar" me! Covers: Guitar arrangement by 11kralle & N.Monath, Trumpet arrangement by wiz & N.Monath, Trumpet arrangement by wiz & N.Monath, Muppet Show with Statler and Waldorf & this rampant existentialism footnote of nonsensicalness Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern By Douglas R. Hofstadter just to make gobledy-gook sound brainy. [Noun 1. gobbledygook - incomprehensible or pompous jargon of specialists, 2. jargon - specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject.]
  4. Whither The Starling 11 WHITHRSTRLNG.mid Whither the Starling? And whither the Crow?
  5. Whence That Wince? 2 WHENCWNC.mid I was strirrin' up a stirrup cup in a stolen sterling stein. or also widely known as "Ain't It Sad How the Bartender's Girl Friend's Momma Is in the Pokey?" Either title, or course, is quite appropriate.
  6. The Keen and the Quing 8 KEENQUING.mid The Keen and the Quing were quirling at quoits in the meadow behind of the mere.
  7. Parsnoops 7 PARSNOPS.mid Oh, the parsnips were snipping their snappers while the parsley was parsing the peas,
  8. Truly True 13 TRLYTRUE.mid Gamboling on the gumbo, with the gambits all in gear,
  9. How Low is the Lowing Herd * HowLowLowingHerd.mid "Do you herd sheep?"
  10. Slopposition 4 SLOPOSIN.mid Oh, once the opposition was completally opposed
  11. Many Harry Returns 14 MANYHARET.mid Once you were two, dear birthday friend - Happy Birthday song
  12. Evidence 17 EVIDENCE.mid They told me you had been to her and mentioned me to him
  13. Lines Upon a Tranquil Brow 18 LINEUPON.mid Have you ever, while pond'ring the ways of the morn.
  14. Mistress Flurry * MISTRESF.mid Mistress Flurry likes to worry
  15. Man's Best Friend 9 MANSBEST.mid What gentler eye, What nobler heart Doth warm the winter day
  16. The Prudent Promisor * PRUDENTP.mid Promalge the prating prim
  17. Song of the Shuttle or Smile Wavering Wings * Song of the Shuttle or Smile Wavering Wings Smile, Wavering wings, above rains pour
  18. Filibeg Fair * FILIBEGF.mid With his Filibeg Fair filigreed with finest filiform
  19. Northern Lights 3 NORTHLIT.mid Oh, roar a roar for Nora
  20. Lhude Sing Cuccu * LUDSNGCU.mid Och hwaersoe'er do nu we goe?
  21. One Small Score for Two Brown Eyes or Only the Lone * ONLYLONE.mid Evening is dawn and night unknown
  22. Twirl, Twirl 6 TWIRL.mid Twirl! Twirl! Twinkle between
  23. Mistily Meandering * MISTILYM.mid Mistily meandering upon a Monday morn
  24. This is the Hunt * THEHUNT.mid This is the Beast, the beast so sly
  25. Wry Song * WRYSONG.mid Oh, pick a pock of peach pits
  26. Potlucky 15 POTLUCKY.mid Briskly breathng brackish brine
  27. Willow the Wasp 12 WILOWASP.mid There were some wasps in our town
  28. Prettily Preen * PRETYPREN.mid Oh, prettily preen the primly prose
  29. The Hazy Yon 16 HAZYYON.mid How pierceful grows te hazy yon!
  30. Deck Us All with Boston Charlie ** BOSTNCHR.mid Deck us all with Boston Charlie** Deck Us All with Boston Charlie exists in the song book was not included on the vinyl album, but it SHOULD have been. 'round these parts (as we sing it in the round) it's a common Carol, which is to say that here in suburbia many children were named Carol resulting from the adulation of the great comedienne Carol Burnett hoping their children would follow in her path and were subsequently brain-washed by their parents by spinning vinyl of novelty albums and party records hoping their offspring could support them in old age after becoming world renown comics. So, having heard Deck Us All With Boston Charlie subliminally in their sleep as children, many nearby residents of this bedroom community are unable to distinguish the x-mass tune from those heard on, say, Sing Along With Mitch. So this community's carolers equip their wandering groups with a string of jingle bells and a galvanized pail for which to Walla Walla, Wash.. However ALL lyrics can be seen as karaoke when using Winamp or other player superior to Windows Media Player (nearly all are superior) to playback the downloadable .mid file.

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