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You Don't Bring Me Flowers

          You don't bring me flowers
          You don't sing me love songs
          You hardly talk to me anymore
          When you come through the door
          At the end of the day

          I remember when
          You couldn't wait to love me
          Used to hate to leave me
          Now after lovin' me late at night
          When it's good for you
          And you're feeling alright
          Well you just roll over
          And you turn out the light
          And you don't bring me flowers anymore

          It used to be so natural
          To talk about forever
          But 'used to be's' don't count anymore
          They just lay on the floor
          'Til we sweep them away

          And baby, I remember
          All the things you taught me
          I learned how to laugh
          And I learned how to cry
          Well I learned how to love
          Even learned how to lie
          You'd think I could learn
          How to tell you goodbye
          'Cause you don't bring me flowers anymore

Neil Diamond/Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman

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