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You blink your eyes and shake your head. Where am I? you think, a little fearfully. The cement and smog, the cars and skyscrapers, the highways and crowds of the city have all melted away. You are standing in a sunlit, green wood, surrounded by tall trees, the wind purring through their boughs. There are lush, dark pines, slim, white birches and ancient poplars of massive height and gnarled bark. You can only see parts of the sky through the branches, but it is clear, deep blue. The breeze is warm and fragrant, and soft against your skin. Looking to your right, you spot a lake. Not a breath of wind ripples it's clear green waters. It looks so refreshing, so inviting. You suddenly realize you're terribly hot. Your city clothes are feeling tight and uncomfortable. You peel them off without another thought, then dive into the cool water. The water is like velvet against your skin. You smile in pleasure, and dive under again. Coming up for another breath, you suddenly find yourself face to face with a girl. Extremely surprised to find another being in such a secluded wood, you almost fall over. Then you remember that your clothes are sitting on the shore and shock turns into humiliation. But she smiles at you understandingly. She's about 13 or 14 years of age with dark brown hair and greenish-greyish-blue eyes. Then she laughs and turns, and disappears into the woods. "No, wait-!" you call. "Who are you? Where am I?" You struggle back into your clothes and begin to run after her. You can hear her laughing, but you can't seem to find her. Confused, you stop. Where are you now? You seem completely surrounded by trees. But looking down at the ground, there is a twisting path, almost hidden by shrubs and bushes growing over it. You hesitate. You're already lost. Why get yourself even more so? But as you glance up again, you catch a glimpse of brown hair and hear again the sudden peal of laughter. And you continue down the path.