Linda's House....Part 2!
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Linda's House....Part 2!

Well I'm just about done getting everything in here. I'll still be adding things from time to time.... So if you have a link that you think I would like or one that is interesting.... let me know...sign my guest book or send me an e-mail....

Well some people have been pressuring me (I won't say who Denise and Clayton) to get my butt in gear and finish this I've been working on it....

Hockey is very important to me and I just love it... here is my page dedicated to hockey...

Broomball-So what the heck is this anyway?? Check out my page and you will find out...

Here's some stuff about me....

Oh Canada!Our home and native land.... Ok...I'll stop singing... but you should check out this place... Canada is great... and I love it... *grin*

Want to really get my attention?? Here's the way to do it! If you have ICQ or even if you don't you can still page me by hitting this button. If I'm online I will get your message immediately and if I'm not, I'll get it as soon as I log on. Guaranteed.
And if you are wondering what the heck ICQ is.... you know what to do... Click on the button! Download it today! With over 1.7 million users, it is the greatest thing to ever hit the internet. Know instantly if your friends are online, transfer files, real time chat.... it does just about everything, except maybe your dishes.... which reminds me.....*wink*

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