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Kelp Kritter's Dive Club

Santa Clara, California

A nice nudibranc and sea cucumber taken on the last Peace Boat dive.

The Beauty of Kelp. Oh my! and Larry at Lake Tahoe.

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A Message from the President

Well here we are again, another new year!

Last year us Kritter's decided to give it another go. For those of you who don't remember yours truly was to keep it together, Andy Yen to account for it and Jim Trayer to announce it to us all.

Last year came and went. April with another one of our best outings of the year at the cabins at Ocean Cove. We all ate better than we could at any one of the best seafood restaurants in the Bay Area. The steamed clams, baked mussels, Andy delighting us with his recipes not to mention Steve Victorine's roasted Abalone.

One of my own personal best came with 4-40 on his 70th birthday, hitting 40' outside Ocean Cove. I may not be 4-40 but you can call me 2-40, oh well maybe in 2001.

We all saw Jeff Young go through his mid life buying up all the inflatables and fishing gear he could lay his hands on! (Just kidding Jeff)

On to the New Year. We have our annual Abalone trip scheduled for April, Peace trip in June and of course anything and everything in-between.
Here's wishing all Kritters and friends a happy and safe new year.


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