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Thunderbird's Story

In the time long ago, it is said that animals shared many of the same qualities as people. Once a giant killer whale ate all the salmon in the ocean. Humans began to starve. Although the chiefs begged the whale to leave, it repeatedly mocked them. Finally, a congress of the greatest chiefs was convened. after a time, a great wind blew in from the sea. lightning flashed, thunder roared. They felt the presence of an great invisible spirit. "if I were to help you, what will you do for me? "The spirit asked. The chiefs promised, for all time, to reproduce the spirits likeness as a sign of admiration and respect. Thus, satisfied with their promises, Thunder bird appeared. He was an enormous manifestation with lightning flashing from his pointed talons and thunder rolling from his sun-blocking wings. Snatching up the Killer Whale the raptor spirit dropped it into the land where it solidified into a mountain. Native carvers have kept their word ever since.

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