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The Theft of Light

[Tsimshian, Northwest Coast]

Giant flew inland [toward the east]. He went on for a long time, and finally he was very tired, so he dropped down on the se the little round stone which he father had given to him. It became a very large rock way out at sea. Giant rested on it and refreshed himself, and took off the raven skin.

At that time, there was always darkness. There was no daylight then. Again Giant put on the raven skin and few toward the east. Now, Giant reached the mainland and arrived at the mouth of the Skeena River. There he stopped and scattered the salmon roe and trout roe. He said while he was scattering the, "Let every river and creek have all kinds of fish!" Then he took the dried sea-lion bladder and scattered the fruits all over the land, saying, "Let every mountin, hill, valley, plain, the whole land, be full of fruits!"

The whole world was still covered with darkness. When the sky was clear, the people would have a little light from the stars, and when the clouds were in the sky, it was very dark all over the land. The people were distressed by this. Then Giant thought that it would be hard for him to obtain his food if it was always dark. He remembered that there was light in heaven, when he had come. Then he made up his mind to bring down the light to our world. On the following day Giant put on his raven skin, which his father the chief had given to him, and flew upward. Finally he found the hole in the sky, and he went through it. Giant reached the inside of the sky. He took off the raven skin and put it down near the hole in the sky. He went on, and came to a spring near the house of the chief of heaven. Then he sat down and waited.

Then the chief's daughter came out, carrying a small bucket in which she was about to fetch water. She went down to the big spring in front of her father's house. When Giant saw her coming along, he transformed himself into the leaf of a cedar and floated on the water. he chief's daugher dipped it up in her bucket and drank it. Then she returned to her father's house and entered.

Afet a short time she ws with child, and not long after that she gave birth to a boy. hen the chief and the chieftainess were very glad. They washed the boy regularly. He began to grow up. Now he was beginning to creep about. They washed hi often, and the chief smoothed and cleaned the floor of the house. Now the child was strong and crept about every day. He began to cry, "Hama, Hama!" He was crying all the time, and the great chief was troubled, and called in some of his slaves to carry about the boy. The slaves did so, but he would not sleep for several nights. He kept on crying, Hama, Hama!" Therefore the chief invited all his wise men, and said to them that he did not know what the boy wanted and why he was crying. He wanted the box that was hanging in the chief's house.

This box, in which the daylight was kept, was hanging in one corner of the hous. It's name was Ma. Giant had known it before he descended to our world. The child cried for it. The chief was annoyed, and the wise men listened to what the chief told them. When the wise men heard the child crying alound, they did not know what he was saying. He was crying all the time, "Hama, hama, hama!"

One of the wise men tho understood him, said to the chief, "He is crying for the ma. Therefore the chief ordered it to be taken down. The man put it down. They put it down near the fire, and the boy sat down near it and ceased crying. He stopped crying, for he was glad. Then he rolled the ma about inside the house. He did so for four days. Sometimes he would carry it to the door. Now the great chief did not think of it. He had quite forgotten it. Then the boy really took up the ma, put it on his should, and ran out with it. While he was running, someone said, "Gian is running away with the ma!" He ran away, and the hosts of heaven pursued him. THey shouted that Giant was running away with the ma. Then the hosts of heaven returned to their houses, and he flew down with it to our world.

At that tie the world was still dark. He arrived farther up the river, and went down river. Giant had come down near the mouth of the Nass River. He went to the mouth of the Nass River. It was always dark, andhe carried the ma about with him. He went on, and went up the river in the dark. A little farther up he heard the noise of the people, who were catching olachen in bag nets in their canoes. There was much noise out on the river, becasue they were working hard. Giant, who was sitting on the short, said, "Throw ashore one of the things that you are catching, my dear people!" After a while, Giant said again, "Throw ashore one of things that you are catching!" Then those on the water scolded him. "Where did you come from, great liar. . .?" The [animal] poeple knew that it was Giant. THerefore they made fun of him. The Giant said again, "Throw ashore one of things that you are catching, or I shall break the ma!" and all those who were on the water answered, "Where did you get what you are talking about, you liar?" Giant said once more, "Throw ashore one of the things your are catching, my dear people, or I shall break the ma for you!" One person replied, scolding him.

Giant had repeated his request four ties, but those on the water refused what he had asked for. Therefore Giant broke the ma. It broke, and it was daylight. The north wind began to blow hard, and all the fisherman, the Frogs, were driven away by the north wind. All the Frongs who had made fun of Giant were driven away down the river until they arrived at one of the large mountainous islands. Here the Frogs tried to climb up the rock; but they stuck to the rock, being frozen by the north wind, and became stone. They are still on the rock. . .and all the world had the daylight.

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