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September Moon

September, Corn Ripe Moon, Iakowapana
Septembers's great path of the moon is awareness.
Lie down in a secret place with your head pointed toward the east and stay there until you learn something. Then move slowly to the south, facedown. Notice what is in font of your nose: leaves, pine needles, dirt, insects, pebbles. When you turn to the west, dig into the earth with your fingers. Smell the richness of history. Imagine what this spot ws like ten thousand years ago. Who came this way before you? Do they speak to you? Watch the way shadows move. It's history stirring.

Now turn to the north and stay ther until you an imagine every drop of rain, every flake of snow that has fallen there. Imagine the animals that have walked by; the snakes and insects and rodents who live nearby; the plants and trees that grow; the earthquakes and the floods, the blizzards and the heat. Imagine fire and drought. Think of how the earth endures.

Complete the circle with your body. TUrn to the east and listen for the Voice That Awakens the Land. When you hear it and know what it means, turn over and look at the sky. Think of everything that has happened there. The birth and death of stars. The rising and setting of moon and sun. The birds that have flown by, the clouds that have formed in various shapes and sizes and colors. Consider the darkenss beyond.

All time, all place is present in these two circles, expanding from your body in both directions, above and below. These two circles finally join together in the sky. It's called the seam of life.

Just think: In these circles, you have created your own universe. That's what awareness is all about.
Taken from "Dancing Moons" by Nancy Wood

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