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January Moon

January, Man Moon: Soenpana
January's great path of the moon is solitude.
Each day is part of an infinite puzzle, interlocked with all the preceding days and the ones that follow. You will never solve the infinite puzzle until you learn to let go of fear. In letting go of fear, the puzzle fits together; a million separate pieces, yet finally only one--the journey of experience. Alone.
Look for patterns. Why do you take the same road to work every day? Is there another way to get where you are going? Do you have to go at all? Is a day of rest more important than doing what's expected of you? Do you care what others think?
When days are short, memory is long. Remember how rain on pavement smells? Fresh earth, turned over with a shovel? Have you forgotten the slick, peeled look of earthworms? The nakedness of baby birds? Think spring, and you will overcome the dark heart of winter. It's up to you.
Take stock of your life now, while the earth around you sleeps. A new year means a new beginning; a new beginning is an opportunity to bury old mistakes. You can't change a thing through regret, you can only wear yourself out. Within you likes all the courage you need.
Solitude upens all the closed doors, even those nailed shut.
Taken from "Dancing Moons" by Nancy Wood

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