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The Hunting Medicine

Eight Indians once went to seek Manabush. The wished to ask some favors of the demi-god. They wen to the sore of a great water. There they took canoes and paddled toward the risinig sun. After a long journey they reached the rocky land where Manabush lived. Here they drew their canoes up on the shore. They soon found his wigwam. In it they saw Manabush, who invited them to enter. The moved up and down. Each time one of the Indians entered it came down and closed the entrance. Then it raised to allow the next man to enter.

When all had entered and seated themselves Manabush asked why they had traveled so great a distance to see him. All but one Indian replied that they wanted some hunting medicine. They wished to be able to supply their people with plenty of food. Manabush granted their request. Manabush now asked the Indian, who had not joined in this request, what he desired. He said, I do not desire hunting medicine. I wish you to give me everlasting life. " Manabush was angry. He took this man by the shoulders and pushed him down, saying as he did this, "You shall be a stone. Thus you will be everlasting."

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