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February Moon

February, Wind Big Moon: Walapana
February's great path of the moon is introspection.
Friends come and go the way lovers often do. Some are only fair blue skies and disappear when the weather changes. A true friend, a true lover, remains even when the sunlight ends. A true friend helps to catch the rain. A false friend says it isn't raining, even when you feel the drops.
How many true friends do you need? One is enough, but four is even better, one for each direction you take:
east: harmony
south: clarity
west: adventure
north: love
Within these four directions are four more, and four more after that. In this way, both knowledge and friends increase at the same time. Indefinitely.
Just because it's winter doesn't mean that you can't grow. Remember how everything waits beneath the surface. Nature knows when her time is coming. So do you. Why resist spring just because snow is falling?
Introspection is the key to understanding the conflict raging within you. Dig out the old fear and throw it away. Fill up your soul with pieces of beauty. Take time to knit them togeter. They will make a whole.
Taken from "Dancing Moons" by Nancy Wood

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