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April Moon

April, Planting Moon: Kapana
April's great path of the moon is regeneration.
When you thought that spring forgot to come, a meadowlark sang in a tree. A flower popped out of the ground. You felt like dancing. Like singing to the clouds. Now is the time to learn how to breathe all over again. Pretend you are a newborn baby. Get the staleness of winter out of your heart and mind and body. It's time to be reborn as a pocket gopher.
Passing through a time of solitude and introspection makes your realize how precious simple things are. Look around. If the sky seems too low, push it up. If the earth seems to still, put your face in the mud and sing it a growing song. Put wildflowers in your ears. Howl at the next full moon. Talk to coyotes, to ravens, to the little ant digging itself out of the ground. What's the worst that could happen?
Ask yourself: Is there enough of you to go around? Do people expect too much? Is your work something you want to do? Or have to do? Do yearn for a new place? A new person with whom to share your life?
Regeneration allows you to grow wings. Sprout roots. Two more legs. Or fins. Regeneration means that you can start growing all over again, this time from the inside out. There is time for everything, even that which you thought too late to happen.
Taken from "Dancing Moons" by Nancy Wood

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