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Heres a whole bunch of H-O-T-T pix of the guitar god: GREG CAMP (Incase your from another planet and you dont know who this FINE looking guy named Greg Camp is WHICH YOU SHOULD he plays awesome guitar and sings kick ass background vocals for the killer band SMASH MOUTH) WHOA! Hello! Wow! Yeah! Q-T! Hottie! Babe! HOTT! Cool! Radd! Awesome! Hunk! Woo! Nice! I thought explaning the photos from my point of view would be cool, all I have to say about all the pics and Greg Camp is ITS ALL GOOD! ________________________________________________________________ Special thanks to Bill from the page below, hes totaly cool and also he let me steal all his pics of Greg Camp off his page to put here, Thanks Mang. ________________________________________________________________

Guitar Choards!: (Gregs very own from Smash Mouth songs) Lyrics!: (from Gregs great song writing for Smash Mouth) Concert Experience!: (write in and tell me your experience and how hott Greg was at the Smash Mouth concert) Bio!: (Greg Camp who what where and when a biography on him) Secrets of Smash Mouth!: (What his band members say about him) And tons more!:(like I dont know, if you got any good ideas please feel free to E-mail me them) (Some links shown below for future use of Coming soon things) (Some are finished.)
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