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Common and not so common Gods

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Uranus; also known as heaven, he is the father of the Fifty Headed Monsters, and the Titans.

Cyclops; Gigantic almost like human beings, with the exception of bearing only one eye in the middle of their heads. Essentially there were three of them: Brontes (thunderer), Steropes (Lightener), and Arges (Bright). Volcanos, are the aftermath of cyclopes work. Polyphemus, (son of Poseidon), is the most popular cyclops, probably due to the conflict that he and Odysseus had. Odysseus came out victorious, and left Polyphemus, blinded.

Titans; The Titans were called the elder gods, they were of enormous size, and beared incredible strength. the most famous titan was Cronus (Roman; "Saturn"). Other noteable Titans were Ocean, Techys (oceans wife), Hyperion, (father of the sun, the moon, and the dawn) Mnemosyne (which means "memory") Tehemis (translated as "Justice"), and Iapetus who had two sons: Atlas; who bore the world on his shoulders, and Promithieus; savior of man kind.

Olympians; They were the supreme gods, who spent their time upon Mount Olympus.

Cronus; Most important Titan. He de-throned heaven (Uranus), and was also the father of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, and Hestia. (Roman name; "Saturn")

Tartarus; Known as "The Underworld".

Oracle; Similar to a prophecy, difference being, a prophecy may occur, and an Oracle will occur.

Crete; A city in Greece. Zeus was placed there by Rhea (Zeus's mother) to keep him from being devoured by his father.

Rhea; Zeus's mother. Wife/sister of Cronus (Zeus's father). She hid Zeus from Cronus in Crete because she didn't want him to be devoured by his father.

Promithiues; Savior, and creator of man kind. He gave man fire, buy stealing it from his son, Apollo. Wisest of all Titans, and Olympians.

Zeus; Cheif god of the olympians. Sixth son of Cronus, and Rhea. God of thunder and lightening. Overthrew his father and took his place as the ruler of the universe.

Delphi; A city in Greece.

Fifty Headed Monsters; Massive offspring of Gaea and Uranus. Bore one-hundred hands, and fifty heads. Had the strength of earth quakes and volcanos.

Chaos; Darkness, and emptiness.

Gaea; Earth, mother of the Titans, The Fifty Headed Monsters, and Typhon.



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