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Greetings all children of ZION, this is Earl Zero... May Jah Guide and Bless the I each and every day of Creation... I give thanks to be alive, and give Thanks and Praises to His Majesty, Chant down babylon, with all of the songs that I play, and the acts that I do every day. I am so blessed by Jah on I path, still spreading my Vision of Love, although Babylon try to steal ya, I and I know only Jah can heal ya, seen? Living and loving, we sing and chant and feel irie, and no downpressers can stop that.. We are living in JAH music, doing JAH work of the ancient riddims, healing, loving, listening to the I, guiding youth on the path of righteousness and meditation, showing that I and I are creat-I-One, seen? Listen to the wisdom of I words,inna bassie guitar riddim, inna ancient drum song, and Give Thanks, you are a child of JAH, and will always be so, when I and I lifts up in Harmony, seen? My I-dren, I music ever expands through righteous and loving representation and philosph-I, if you know what you are fighting for, I and I can unite, then a Roots inna babylon, we can stand up for our rights... J A H Guide, Earl Zero or "PAPA Z" BUY YA ROOTS MUSIC STRAIGHT FROM THE I... SEND $15 check or money order to ZERO LOVES THE I 520 Nebraska St. Vallejo, California 94590 for EARL ZERO CD or TAPES (autographed in GOLD by Earl Z) "GIVE THANKS"

a member of Reggae Ring
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