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JDM Civic/CRX B16 Knuckles

When doing a big brake conversion on 89-91 Civic/CRX there seems to be a big discrepancy in opinions as to which knuckles to use, never mind which brake set up to go with. Some swear that DA knuckles are a big no no, others seem to find no real problems. Not much is said about the SiR units other than that you can run the GSR brake setup. Well, here's what I found.
A little background on the JDM SiR knuckles. The identifying stamped marks are LH3-N on the left one and the RH3-N on the right one. They are beefier and were designed to fit the B16 axles with the bearing dust seal in place. Please note that the JDM 1st Gen B16 axles are not the same as say the N.American 99-00 B16 civic axles. They are a hybrid design of 86-89 Integra axles except for the inner CV Joint, which is a substitute of 92 up Integra Outer CV Joint. More over, the tie rod hole location is placed more inwards toward the centre of the car; it is identical design of DA knuckle tie rod hole location.
The caliper, rotor and pad replacement for the JDM SiR knuckle is GSR DA. Should you have to change the lower ball joints, DA and the EF are identical to the JDM SiR units. Onto the comparison...
Great care has been taken to ensure that the measurements are accurate. I estimate the degree of accuracy to be +/- 1mm.


Height: 43.0mm
Geometry : The ‘standard’ for all the comparisons.

DA vs EF

Height: 43.9mm

Lower Ball Joint position: 9.0mm in

Outer surface hub position: 3.0mm in

The angle of the hub and bearing surface, as well as the angle of the lower ball joint position has been determined to be exactly the same for all three knuckles. Here is an example of the DA vs EF.


Height: 43.0mmm

Lower Ball Joint position: 3.0mm in

Note that this places the entire JDM SiR knuckle inward. Here's a picture:

Outer surface hub position: 9.0mm in


DA and the JDM SiR bearings are the same; EF however are smaller. Regardless of the fact that all three hubs share the same bolt pattern (4x100), EF hub is smaller than DA or the JDM SiR. DA hub is taller by 2.75mm than EF.


The only obstacle in installing those will be the accommodation of your out tie rod ends if you have a rack other than an Si. You’ll have extend the tread on your inner tie rod and also cut it about 2 cm.
BUT, with Si rack, you do not have to extend the threads on the inner tie rod end but you should cut the inner tie rod ends by about 1 cm. This will allow for proper steering position without hoping that steering wheel spline will align properly.


All three knuckles are different. The overall geometry is very, very close between all three knuckles! For example, take the height of the knuckles, the JDM SiR and the N.American 89-91 Civic/Crx is the same. The location of the outer tie rod end attachment is the same for the SiR and DA units. Some reported various degrees of problems using the DA integra units; others have not had any problems. It is my conclusion after studying the geometries of all the three knuckles that there should be NO real problems using either the SiR or the DA units on the N.American 89-91 Civic/Crx providing that you utilize the N.American 89-91 Civic/Crx A-arms.I'm currently running with no problems:
-90 JDM SiR knuckles
-91 Canadian upper A-arms with adjustable ball joints
-93 GSR lower ball joint
-91 Candian inner and outer tie rod ends.

April 20, 2005