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Bible Basics - Selected Articles

Dear Reader,

I found a Christadelphian website with some good articles which is called, "Bible Basics" and I think this would be a good place to start. However, I must caution with you, I do not agree all of their teachings because I do not hold the "futurist" eschatology (i.e. future "Second Coming of Christ, earthly kingdom of God, etc.), water baptism is a requirement of the salvation, and observe the Lord's Supper. That is why I have selected some of the articles which I would agree the most parts. Use your judgmental which is biblical truth or not and be like a Berean (Acts 17:10-12).

1. God:

God's Name and Character

The Angels

God is a Spirit

God Manifestation

2. The Spirit of God:

God's Spirit: Defintion

The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

Is the Holy Spirit a Person?

3. God and Death:

The Nature of Man

The Soul

The Spirit

Death Is Unconsciousness


4. God and Evil:

God and Evil

Devil and Satan


What Happened In Eden?


The Temptation of Jesus

5. The Origin of Jesus:

OT Prophecies Of Jesus

The Virgin Birth

Christ's in God's Plan

"I Came Down From Heaven"

Did Jesus Create Earth?

"Before Abraham Was I Am"


6. The Nature of Jesus:


Differences Between God and Jesus

The Nature of Jesus

The Humanity Of Jesus

Relationship God With Jesus

Being In The Form Of God

7. The Work of Jesus:

The Victory of Jesus

The Blood Of Christ

Offering For Us And Himself

Jesus Our Representative

Jesus And The Law Of Moses

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