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CyberSitter Petition Page

Welcome to the CyberSitter Petition Page. This is a Petition to boycot Solid Oak Software Inc's CyberSitter Program. Currently this program is designed to block out any Wiccan/Pagen/Satanist/ ect. websites. If you agree that this is a good idea to boycot this product please sign the petition below and if not then feel free to leave a comment anyway. My goal is to put a stop to such oppression by those that do not understand our ways and beliefs as a Wiccan Community, although this is not meant to try and put the company out of business. All results will be directly mailed to the president of the company from my postal address instead of email so that none of your email address will be blocked out by this program and others like it.

Click here for a some information on how the software is prohibiting our constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

This is a site that has been banned and they posted the information on their page. Please take the time to read this as well as any others that are on this list so you can see the harm that this software brings unto the Wiccan Community.

The Celtic Connection is another site that has been targeted by this software. Here is a documentation of the effect.

Here are a few sites that I am supporting in this cause.

The Witches.Com

The Witches Voice

The Celtic Connection

Sun Dragon Wicca Page

Pagan Communities Common Ground

Here is a small reminder to everyone. This is meant to be profressional and any profanity that is left here will be deleted. Thank you for your time and patience.

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