Saxon Pouter
Saxon Pouter
(Sächsische Kröpfer)
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The Saxon Pouter is a medium sized, muffed pouter with upright stance and gorgeous color. Originating in the German state of Saxony the color most often associated with the Saxon is Isabel, which is a light creamy yellow with white bars. The color is to be uniform over the entire body. The only white allowed on Saxons is white barring. White flights or white in the foot feathering is considered a serious fault. Additional colors found in Saxon Pouters include black, black with white bars, blue bar, blue with white bars, blue check, larked, white self, red, red with white bars, yellow, and yellow with white bars. The Saxon Pouter exists in the U.S. but sports only a moderate number of supporters. Isabel and yellow are the most frequently seen colors in the U.S. although most colors are available. A few breeders are working on the very difficult black white bars. Progress is being made both in the U.S. and in Europe. It is hoped that within the next decade considerable improvements will have been accomplished. Overall size needs to be enlarged, bar color and shape refined, and foot feathering increased in density.

Various Colors Found in Saxon Pouters

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