Old Dutch Capuchine
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This pigeon breed has been known for no less than 500 years. Brought to Holland from India by Dutch sailors in the 1500s, the breed was refined into a show pigeon by Dutch breeders. Old Dutch Capuchines are found in a wide variety of colors such as red, yellow, black, dun, tigered, barred in blue, silver, mealy, and cream, self white, and some of the rarer colors like almond, andalusian, dominant opal, reduced, and brown. Old Dutch Capuchines breed well and easily raise their own young. There are sponsoring specialty clubs for Capuchines in the Netherlands, Germany, England, and the United States. The Northamerican Capuchine Club sponsors Capuchines at many of the larger shows in the U.S. Featuring quarterly bulletins, membership list, and pertinent information on Old Dutch Capuchines, the club may be joined by sending $10 annual dues to:

Jerry Anderson, sec.
1516 N.E. 4th
Moore, OK 73160

I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with this breed since the early 1970s. My current emphasis is on the barred colors including mealy bar, cream bar, blue bar, and silver bar. My ultimate goal is to develop a stud of excellent Capuchines in all barred variations which will consistently receive high ratings. This is a lofty goal considering the present quality of the barred colors but since I am only in my early forties I figure I have enough time to reach the goal. I have been fortunate to win the January 1998 NPA Grand National in San Bernardino, California with a cream bar cock bird. However, this particular bird is an exception and depth of quality in the barred colors is still lacking.

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Commentary on shows within the last several years--including photographs.
Rare Colors in Old Dutch Capuchines

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Rare colors
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Various Colors Found in Old Dutch Capuchines
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