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An Inland Empire legend returns from the GALAXY Theatre, Santa Ana, 2001.

SIAM is a progressive Classic Rock band based out of Rancho Cucamonga, California.
We have played over 100 original showcases,and have done such venues as The Whiskey, Gazzarris, The Troubador, the Roxy, as well as the Coach House, Central Coast Theatre and many more.
The group consists of five seasoned musicians.

Bonnie Bishop from El Monte, California , who fronts the group with her unlimited range and energetic stage presence , stuns the crowd as she dominates the stage.(what a voice!)Influences range from Zepplin, Pink Floyd and Queen, to Jazz greats such as Duke Ellington and Louie Armstrong.You will find Bonnie singing Hard Rock music one weekend and Jazz classics the next!

Paul Barensfeld is the hard hitting south paw drummer from Kalamazoo, Michigan.Currently considered one of the best drummers around, influenced by Rush, Van Halen and Zepplin, Paul is, all power behind the bands origonal sound.

Larry Fry on bass & vocals from Alta Loma, California, is also influenced by Rush, Boston and Ted Nugent.
His unique progressive style on the bass, combined with his enthusiastic stage presence, has audiences begging for more.

Screaming Lead guitarist, Jack Bishop, hails from Pomona, California.Jack shakes up his fans with LEADS that penetrate to the soul! Inspired by the Rock Legends , Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple, he plays an electric technique that gives new meaning to 'Progressive-Classic Rock'.

Our recent addition, Greg Brock, rhythm guitar and vocalist from San Diego, California,tributes his influences to Tom Petty, Jimmi Hendrix and the Beatles.
He has toured with countless 'top notch' bands and is an exceptionally talented songwriter, thus contributing to the high quality and diverse stylings of todays SIAM sound.

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We have, as of late been limiting our concert apearances to opening for popular National Acts only.
We also have a CD out and plan on doing more studio work.
The biggest pleasure for us is making music and enjoying each others company, but make no mistake about it! When we take that stage we are always ready to rock!

Siam Interview Siam Live @ Galaxy!

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The latest news about SIAM in 2001

On May 29th, 2001 SIAM shared the stage with Molly Hatchet at the famous GALAXY THEATRE in Santa Ana California.Click below for pics.
The Galaxy Concert with Molly Hatchet!

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Band Lineup 2001

  • Bonnie Bishop ---- Lead Singer
  • Jack Bishop ---- Lead Guitar .
  • Larry Fry ---- Bass and vocals.
  • Greg Brock ---- Rhythm Guitar and Vocals.
  • Paul Barensfield ---- Drums and vocals.
  • Siam prides itself on it's high quality and professional stage performance, vocal ability including harmony and the amazing ability to ROCK THE HOUSE!!

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    (Written by Bonnie Bishop, lead singer of Siam) SIAM marks its start in the 70's in the Pomona, California area at a time when Rock was young and wild.
    Why the name SIAM stuck with this band, and it's future generation,is a question that still cannot be answered.Maybe it had something to do with friends and big brothers in Viet Nam or perhaps the Gong they once toted around for effect. But, this band that once rehersed in a studio next door to Van Halen ,(..that ones for Paul) had an incredebly wild rock-&-roll time playing rock as they knew it. As the years went by the band lineup changed, and the new generation of SIAM took over.

    Larry Fry reformed SIAM in the early 80's with his natural talent in handling business and management of the band, as well as being an accomplished BASS player, replaced the male lead singer with a female singer, writing new music, laying down some tracks in the recording studio, and finally getting the show on the road.
    You might say that this technicaly was a whole new concept in a band in keeping with the 70's SIAM tradition and style of music, but also bringing the heavy metal 80's influences into the new songs Larry wrote.
    They toured and gigged and then recorded ,gigged,toured some more, until finally in 1989, Bonnie (thats me!), joined the band and things got serious.
    It was time for the " Battle of the Bands " in Southern California. A chance to prove that the original material SIAM wrote could ROCK and ROLL! It rocked all right! After winning the Battle of the Bands in 1990 Siam went on tour.

    SIAM was featured at every venue that showcased Hard Rock bands , headlining the Roxy, The Whiskey, Gazarris on the Strip , Rock Haven, Scream, the Central,the Paladium,and that little bar in Fontana...

    They were on televisions late night live concert show titled "Hollywood Showcase for Bands."(winning first place...and a toaster...)at the Green Door, and 'BOGARTS' in Huntington Beach.

    In the spring of 1998 SIAM got the show rolling full force again with the new Siam CD on the market and their sellout concert event at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano,California.