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Updated:2100Z 21 October 2008
West Coast A-30 Page

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Thanks for stopping by! Even though I still receive a regular stream of interesting emails about all aspects of Alberg maintenance and repair, it's been a while since this site has been actively maintained. I'm sorry about that and wish to bring it back to a current, functioning place to share information and ideas about older sailboats, especially Alberg designs and the Alberg 30 in particular. As most visitors may already know, the Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 Association maintains a terrific web presence (thank you, George!). I have no interest in replicating the vast store of information and wisdom that can be found there, or on the very active mailing list and it's archive. I hope to provide information and links that compliment what can be found there. Rather than diving into a huge overhaul, I'll be working on the site gradually, in smaller chunks. I'll be starting with cutting out the dead links and adding some really cool new ones. As always, contributions are always welcome , so if you have any suggestions, narratives, or photos that you'd like to share, please feel free to contact me. Thanks again for stopping by! RL
Sugar Magnolia is Alberg 30 #121, built in the latter part of 1965 by Kurt Hanson's Whitby Boat Works of Ajax, Ontario. Prior to being shipped overland to California by her most recent previous owner, she led a life amongst many of her sisters in the Chesapeake Bay Area. According to her Abstract of Title, she was originally christened T.S. Too, which was changed to Cynara, before I finally rechristened her after the title of a pertinent and fitting song by one of my favorite musical groups. As the sixth or seventh caretaker that she has blessed, I am happy to say that she has rejoined the roles of the Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 Association as she had been listed during several different periods of her life. Although in Monterey we don't enjoy the bountiful social functions that the Association is renowned for, we do benefit from the generous nature of the technical discussions, as well as a certain sense of "belonging", in a misfit sort of way. In short, I'm proud to fly the burgee even though it's the only one for miles.

One reason for this page has always been the wish to accumulate and share information about Albergs that are on the Pacific Coast. I've been in touch with a few folks and have started a Roster page to try to make contact information available for potential participants. If you are, or know of an Alberg 30 owner on the West Coast, please email me!

From our old friend Joe, "One Less Traveled: Owning a Classic Plastic Sailboat"
An entertaining look at life aboard boats like ours.
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Sailing for Everyone!

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