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201st Entry RAF Halton

201st Entry RAF Halton

The 201st entry was the first entry of the Craft Apprenticeship programme . It ran from September 1964 untill August 1966.

I was part of this entry for the first year only and am now trying to get a list of the members. Those my hazy memory can remember are:

Steve Tugwell (me),

Keith Ranshaw,

John Ward,

Geoff Wixon, - Left to join Technician Apprentices.

Andy Taylor,

Alick Strevens,

Bob Smith,

Barry (Chuck) Telford,

Graham Webster,

John Wyatt,

'Nancy' Skinner,

Terry Maybee,

'Tab' Hunter,

Bill Boyd. Still serving, a WO at St. Athan I believe.

Can't forget 007 Bond

There are many more, if you can refresh my memory or bring me up to date with information on any member please e mail me.

I have just heard from Frank Nicholson, also a Propulsion Fitter, who gave me a whole bunch more names.

Frank Nicholson,

Mike Pickering, - left to join Technician Apprentices.

Taffy Dow,

Tony Purton,

John Graham,

Terry "Beans" King,

Stuart Adams,

Barry Pover,

Mel O'Conner,

Peter Hurt,

Rod (Chalkie) White,

Bob??? from Portsmouth/Southampton,

John Barratt,

Derek Arnold,

Mick Price,

Barry (Baz) Page,

Alan Ritson,

Taff Rowe,

??? Watt (Watty),

Andy Weeks,

Bob Whiteley,

Mick? Fulcher


John Newbury,

Click Clarkson,

Jock Carroll,

Scouse Egan,

John Varley,

Tom Newey,

Mick Nield,

D?? Robinson,

Paul Hart,

Bryn Jones,

Mick? Ackerman,

??? Best,

John Batty (Battye?),

??? Atkinson,

Ian Purnell,

John (Bob) Agar,

Bronco Lane,

Pete Marsh.

Pat Balchin.

Oh How the memories come back, the Greaser with long hair to his shoulders, unrecognisable after 2 minutes in the barbers chair, the zealous recruit who shaved his head so badly he had to report sick! If you have any more stories let me know, I'll be glad to tell them here.

A Flight

A Flight list

B Flight

B Flight list

This photo from Bob Smith shows B flight just after they got their uniforms. I'm in the middle behind Flt Lt Mason, who else can we remember?. Next to me on the left is Geoff Wixon, in front ,left of the sargeant is Kieth Ranshaw. Extreme right of the bottom row is John Ward, next to him is Roger? Wyatt.Top right is 'Webster'and Bob is next to him, then Andy Taylor, next but one is 'Nancy' Skinner, Tony Purton, Chuck Telford, on the left end is '111' Walliman.

Thats all I can remember, although all the faces seem familiar.

I've started a Facebook page as the guest books all seem to disappear! Just search Facebook for 201st Entry RAF Halton


This is a picture of the 201st Entry Plaque, designed by Alick Strevens.

Here are the final passing out results and postings at the end of training

Finals 1

Finals 2

Bob Smith found this picture of Frank Nicholson,(behind the hair), Stu (Scrumpy)Adams, Dave (Tab) Hunter & Terry King. Room 4, Block 8

Camp was in Wales, click to see some photos supplied by Keith Ranshaw.

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