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Inn on the Road, 2003


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Inn on the Road
Casar, NC
March 29, 2003

Inn on the Road is a little event started several years ago, in the Canton of Aire Faucon (Cleveland, Gaston, and Lincoln counties in North Carolina).

At first, it was an event with 'wenches' who were actually some of our men dressed up as ugly barmaids. They served feast and received tips to do silly things, all the money going to a charity of the groups' choosing.

This year, we did away with the wenches, and had a tavern for lunch, where the money was donated to a local battered womens' shelter.

Feast was WONDERFUL!!!!! (thanks Fiona!) and at the end, there were the most fabulous chocolate mousse pies I've ever tasted. There were several extra, which ended up getting auctioned off. $80 was made on four pies, which also went to the womens' shelter.

Below are some of the pictures from the day. I am sorry I didn't get more, but I'm going to work on that!

These first two are various fighters preparing for the heavy tourney.

MoL tables (left under the white pavillion), Lord Christian von Nuremburg (white, background) talking with our newest knight, young Sir Dagonet, Sir Damon in the black and white looking on. Baron Giles (green and white) facing (I believe) Lord Mennua (in burgundy).

Lord Jonathan (in yellow) and Baron Giles (green and white) preparing to face off.


One of the most amusing events of the last few Inn on the Road's has been the archery tourney. This isn't because archery is fun (though of course it is!), but more because Lady Maeve, our archery marshal, is obsessive about finding the best stuffed animals to use as targets. They're usually either very cute, or very cheesy, but they're always fun to topple with a crossbow or longbow! And she has the cutest little maniacal laugh when you skewer one through the eyeball...

Lady Maeve and several participants searching for arrows.

Closer view of the poor Easter stuffies.

Lady Maeve

Rapier Tourney

There are a lot of people who come to SCA events to watch the heavy fighting. It's how our kings and queens are chosen, after all. But for myself, there is nothing more amusing or entertaining than the rapier tourney.

These folks have been known to use stuffed fish or monkeys as parrying weapons, occasionally quote Shakespear or call each other vile names in the most amusing of manners, and generally have a lot of good, clean fun.

And you can always count on the rapier folks to look very spiff!

Lady Marion, Lord Ronin, and an unidentified gentle talking before a round.

Lord Melchior, rapier MoL for the day, in his delightfully colorful pants!

Our wonderful rapier marshal for the day, Lord Ronin.

And here follows Sal's fight with Lord Rafael. I got lots of pics of this one because 1) I was actually there when he was fighting for once! and 2) because he rags me all the time about not getting pictures of him. --grin--

Here ya go, sweetie!

Sal and Lord Rafael walking from the field, discussing fighting, practices, etc.

And these pictures are of our canton's newest yellow scarf (until Coronation, when Lady Marion will be playing for hers!!!!), Lord Christian von Nuremburg and white scarf, Lord Vyvyan Broussard (sp?)

This was a really good fight, but the most amusing part was one of the audience, the temporarily schizophrenic Sir Daemon. Before anyone thinks I'm putting him down, let me explain! --grin--

His former squire brother is Lord Christian (christian is squired to Duke Anton, Daemon used to be Anton's squire, before he got knighted), and his household brother is Lord Vyvyan. So he was cheering for both, egging both on, and generally contradicting himself at every turn. It was hilarious!

Though Lord Vyvyan was the tourney winner, he deferred the Booty Prize to two other fighters whom he felt deserved the honor. Vivat!

Baroness Kisaiya, Lady Margaret, and several of the gypsies enjoying the rapier fighting.

Other happenings...

Baroness Kisaiya with Lord Christian Resado (sp?) near the archery range.

Lady Susanna 'Mama Susan', talking to Lady Cecily while holding the canton's newest member, Damien (3 1/2 months old... we passed him around that site like you wouldn't believe! --grin--)

Lady Cecily, relaxing and talking to Lady Susanna. You can't see me, but I'm sitting on the ground in Lady Cecily's merchant tent, talking with these two ladies, and spranging when I'm not taking pictures. :)

Katerina, who helped out in the kitchen most of the day! Yay you... feast was great!

One of our newcomers. At her first event, she took a sprang class, and did pretty well!! Glad to see her back, with her family. I don't have a picture of the rest of them, but her daughter plays a mean recorder, and gave us all very nice music through the afternoon and feast, and serenaded us during clean-up.

And here's Margaret watering Ronin between rapier rounds.

Coronation is next! Be sure to come back for pics from that event!