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Coronation of Logan and Isobel

Coronation of Logan and Isobel
Saluda, NC
April 5, 2003

What a day!
It started out with rain, lightning, and more rain. It was cold, wet, and miserable. But at troll, THL Thorgrimmr told us that the park ranger had assured him that the storm would roll out by noon, and the sun would follow.

He was right! By the end of TRM's first court, the rain had stopped, and shortly thereafter, the sun came out, and kept us company the rest of the day.

There was heavy fighting...

And here I should interject that Lady Fiona was back in armor for the first time since her neck surgery! Vivat, Fiona!

Rapier fighting...

(Sal fought the schlagger tourney! yay!)

and Arts and Sciences competitions, with three categories... Fiber Arts, and for Tempore Atlantia, Best Documentation, and Best of Show.

(the lady in the blue and white in the background was the Best Documentation winner, Lady Rhiannon)

I didn't get many pictures of the fighting, as I spent a lot of the day beneath the Sacred Stone pavillion, and not slogging through the mud and wetness. Between that pavillion and the A&S displays, my day was fairly full! --grin--

Here are a few of the wonderful items entered in the competition:

These were handspun entries sent in by Aelfwyn of Whitby. She taught a "how to choose a fleece" class at the last university, and it was positively delightful. She has a great deal of energy and optimism (from what I saw) and this entry was beautifully spun. The card weaving from her handspun was also gorgeous! I've tried card-weaving my own handspun wool, and it's not easy to get the twist just right for that! My hat's off to her for the whole project!

Sacred Stone had several wonderful entries as well!

Lady Lidia entered cotton that she had spun on her book Charka. Cotton is very hard to spin because of it's short staple (fiber length), but her skeins were simply gorgeous! The uniformity of the yarn was fabulous, and she very much deserved the prize for the Fiber Arts category! However, for some reason, the pics I thought I took of her display did not come out. If someone has those, I would be glad to put them up here, or to link to them from here.

Lord Mennua, from Hawkwood, entered this treatise on herbal remedies. The book is wooden, filled with pages of explanations, descriptions, and illustrations of various herbs used in medieval times. He's planning on doing an entire series of these, and I can't wait to read them!

This is Lady Cecily's entry. (she's from Nottinghill Coill, but I'll show her here anyhow, because I think she's nifty.) She's been doing some wonderful weaving recently!

And then there was my entry...
(yes, I'm going to toot my horn a bit, since this IS my webpage...--cheeky grin--)

This consisted of the spranged bags I'm still in possession of, an explanation of each bag, what I learned from it, and what it was made of. I displayed it all as part of the Documenation display, but also entered the pouch at the top (red,black, gold) into the Tempore Atlantia competition. The whole set documents my progress over the last year, as I've learned how to sprang and have developed that skill.

Isabel's pouch won the Best in Show category. yay!

Here's a picture of the winning pouch, which was later gifted to HRM Isabel:

Done bragging now!

And now, for the rest of the shots...

Lady Marion, newest Free Scholar! Vivat!

Baron Achbar being himself... --grin--

Lady Margaret,Countess Bera and a lady unknown to me enjoying the shade at the A&S displays.

Baroness Kisaiya viewing the A&S competition.

Rayka of Nightshade Faire. Alika of Nightshade Faire ook pictures of the day as well, and you can see them here

This was the haywagon, which helped get people to and from the parking lot. This site is wonderful for the main parts, but getting to the field from the parking lot is a trial, as is getting to the feast hall from anywhere! But the feast hall is well worth it. Such a beautiful place!!! (I didn't get pics of that part, as my group left before feast, but I was there for feast of thirty two years ago, and it was gorgeous!)

And now, for way too many pictures of Baroness Susan receiving her coronet! --grin--

No one told me this was going to happen. Lady Margaret knew all day, and told no one! Boy, can she keep a secret!

Here's how it happened, from my point of view...

HRM Logan had Lady Susanna called into court, and expounded on the wonderfulness of her. He then awarded her the King's Award of Excellence, which is great all on its own. I looked up to see where Baroness Kisaiya, Baron Alejandro, Baroness Benefse, and Lady Margaret had suddenly disappeared to, and there they were, waiting to be called in... with a coronet on a pillow in Baron Alejandro's hands!

I clapped my hands over my mouth to keep from squealing in delight. I ended up squeaking repeatedly, but that couldn't be helped.

Grabbing my camera, I rushed to find a good spot from which to take a video of the whole thing.

I forgot that when I have the camera set in video mode, clicking the shutter shuts it off. Sigh. So at just the right moment, as HRM is about to place the coronet on her head, I clicked the shutter. So I didn't get a picture of that part.

But if you look very closely, you can see her standing there in the dark, with Baron Achbar's coronet upon her head.

Vivat to Atlantia's newest Court Baroness, Her Excellency Susanna!!!!!

I didnt' get a picture of it, but Lord Christian von Nuremburg was made the Queen's rapier champion.

All in all, it was a wonderful day!


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