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Lasiodora parahybana (Salmon Pink Birdeater)

Lasiodora parahybana commonly known as the Salmon Pink Birdeater is a large heavy bodied terestrial from Venezuela and is one of the largest tarantulas in the world. Some reaching leg spans of 10 inches! Also known for it's boldness this tarantula will most often sit in the open making it a great display tarantula. Colored with a dark brown and having long salmon pink hairs on it's abdomen L. parahybana's also one of the prettiest. When disturbed they can flick urticating hairs from it's abdomen which can severely irritate skin. They are hardy in comparison to a T. blondi and do well in captivity.

My L. parahybana:
I have a large 7" female and a mature 6" male. The female is rather defensive and will advance towards anything going on in her cage then raise her front legs and hiss. She will attack just about anything that enters her cage. Starting to think I could feed her a small cat ;) The males not aggressive but very defensive and will kick his urticating hairs if I get too close.

The female eats a LOT and has grown like a horse. I have fed her full grown mice for the past 2 instars and she seems to love them. The male has been a little out of character for an L. parahybana in that he doesn't have much of an appetite (even before maturing) and so has grown much slower than the female.

I keep them both on a peat/vermiculite mix with a half flower pot for a hide. I keep the substrate somewhat moist with a water dish to keep the humidity at about 80%. I keep their temperature the same as all of my tarantulas about 80-84F.

my female
my female munching
my female close up