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Poecilotheria regalis (Indian Ornamental)

Poecilotheria regalis is the most popular of several large arboreal tarantulas from the forrests of Sri Lanka and India. They live above the forrest floor in trees, tree branches and stumps. Active at night they are very efficient hunters and are capable of lightning fast speed. Brilliantly patterned in grey, white and black along with bright yellow warning markings under their front legs they are one of the most beautiful tarantulas in the world. Some reffering to them as 'living works of art'. P. regalis have reportedly more potent venom than other tarantulas, so handling isn't recommended. They have also been known to show a good amount of social behavior and some have been kept communually successfully.

My P. regalis:
I have 4 P. regalis, 2 large 6 1/2" females and 2 smaller slings. They are fast but non aggressive. The only time I have had one go into a threat posture is when I am trying to get them out for a photo or to change cages. They are great constructers and have built some of the most intriquate tube webs and even burrows I have ever seen. All are great hunters when you sit back and watch them. As soon as I dim the lights and toss in a cricket they start stalking them. All have large apetites and the bigger females have grown at a faster rate than any of my other tarantulas, a good 1/2"(as slings) - 1" each 20 days to a month. The last instar they have grown 1 1/2".

I keep them all in critter keepers with about 1" of peat moss for substrate and piece of cork back leaned against the side for them to attach their tube webs to. I keep the humidity at about 80% with moist substrate and a water dish. I keep the temperature the same for all of my tarantulas about 80-84F.
I often lightly mist around their hide for a source of water as they never drink from their water dish. They will immediately come out and start drinking the droplets.

my female
my female trying to make a run for it
my female close up
my female front