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Rien van de Ven, Turkey slicing expert

Marian vd Ven. She took care of this excellent arrangement. Thank You.

Joke (Welcome speech), Willy, Elly, Lee and Casey (I'm listening).

Lee Ong: Ladies and Gentlemen, eet smakelijk.

Delicious Turkey dinner

Elly Lespinasse and Janneke vd Molen

Wim Hooghuis: I'm going to walk 20 miles tonight

Elly Weathers: This is my first round!

Jan Muyskens, Irene Bonnel, Casey Willems: I think, I'm going to enjoy this food.,

Mimi Miller: Is this a real Turkey?, Jan Theuns: I need some extra salt.


Elly Lespinasse, Janneke vd Molen, Enrique Moresco, Jeanette Beard, Marie Schuller,

Mia Boost, Willy Hooghuis

Rien vd Ven: I just confiscated this painting from our master painter Jan Theuns

Jean & Mia Boost, Lee Ong, Max Winkeler, Elly Weathers, Sylvia Schrijn,

Cily Winkeler: Common guys lets sing!  Sinterklaas kapoentje ............, Marian vd Ven, Miep Theuns