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All Santa's in House!

Jan Muyskens looking for food, Max Winkeler: Uh, this plate is heavy, Elly Lespinasse

Cornelia Hibbeler, Cily Winkeler, Russell Hibbeler, Marja Falk, Joke Mondada

Nice view

Miriam Perez, Enrique Moresco, Mimi Miller, Jan Muyskens, Jose Perez,Victor Pouw, Madeleine Pouw

Santa Claus is coming to Holland Club

Marja Falk, Santa (Rien vd Ven): Do you think Gisela believe in Santa Claus? , Lee Ong, Gisela von Galjour, Theresia ong

Jan & Miep Theuns, Jos & Marjolein Wolke, Cornelia & Russell Hibbeler, Elly Lespinasse

Theresa Pouw, Max & Cily Winkeler, Jan & Miep Theuns

Elly Weathers, Marian vd Ven, Joke Mondada, Miriam Perez

The winner  is ..........................

Group picture