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Marcel, Wim: My friend is thirsty, can you donate some blood?

Ans Westmoland: Here is my present your majesty.

Theresia, Lee, and Cily: Doesn't scare me.

 Melanie, Cily, and Joke: Its raining in here.

John, Wim with thirsty friend, Wil, Melanie, ans Cily

                               Be right back

     Marian vd Ven: Who dares to give me a parking ticket? and Marcel

Bringing the carrot cake for some blood.

 Mierta Lovelace: I'm the real witch!

             Ellen: Tadah

 Strangers amongst us all the time.

  Gary Westmoland and Marie Schuller: I need blood, this is my victim!

                 Gerry Lovelace

Party isn't over yet?




                          Gerry Lovelace: Happy Halloween!