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"Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: For thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.  (The Noble Quran, 16:125)"


Allah, Islam and the Noble Quran.  Questions and Answers:

The sections here are:

1-   Hell will eventually be empty, and Heaven and Hell description.  Also according
       to the Bible, most Christians will burn in Hell.

2-   What is Islam?
3-   Allah Almighty's original Name, and questions about Him and His Wills.
4-   Salvation.
Apostates (renegades) and Human equality, and the hypocrites from the Muslims.
6-   The Islamic Government, Justice, and the Right for Education.
7-   Friendship with non-Muslims, Good Manners, Breath and Body smell.
8-   Other Islamic Articles and Laws.


Hell will eventually be empty, and Heaven and Hell description: 

Will Hell eventually be empty?  For how long will Allah Almighty punish some of His creation?

Almost every single Christian is going to hell according to the Bible.

Sheol in the Bible:  Hell and Death.

Would you describe Heaven and Hell according to the Islamic doctrine?


What is Islam?

What is the Wisdom of Islam? And how will Allah Almighty Judge Muslims and non-Muslims?

What is the one thing that you most want me to understand about Islam?

Does "Islam" really mean to force someone to Islam or else kill him?

How can I convert to Islam?

What is the best way to convert a Christian to Islam?

Is there a concept of Original Sin in Islam?  i.e. why part of God's perfect Creation is not righteous?

Did GOD send a Messenger for each nation on earth before?


Allah Almighty's original Name and questions about Him and His Wills:

The original name for GOD Almighty in Aramaic and Hebrew was indeed "Allah".  See proofs from Hebrew and Aramaic resources.  Aramaic was the language that Jesus peace be upon him spoke during his ministry.   Also, according to the Bible, "Yahweh" was not GOD Almighty's original name.  It was "Allah".  See proofs from the Hebrew resources.

The 99 attributes of Allah Almighty.

The GOD of the corrupted Bible gets drunk?!

The Mercy of Allah Almighty on Mankind, and our age of 40 wisdom in Islam.

Why would God send the Gospel with His prophet Jesus, and then allow all of the disciples of Jesus to be misled by believing that Jesus died on the cross, and thus distort the original message of the Gospel?

Can GOD change his mind?  Why did he allow for the Bible to get corrupted?  What wisdom is he trying to give us?  Your Islam is bogus!

If birth and death are controlled by GOD, then why does He punish those who commit suicide?

Why does GOD give the arrogants and wrong-doers much power in life and takes it away from the good people?

How do you reconcile suffering with the portrayal of a great and loving God, Why war, why famine, why sorrow?



Who is your Messiah in Islam?  Who is your Savior?

Where do Martyrs go after death?  And will they be judged for their good and bad deeds?

Everything from good and bad that happens to us is determined by Allah Almighty.

Is our destiny pre-determined by GOD?  Does GOD choose who is evil and who is good?  How come GOD didn't make all of us good if He is the "Most Merciful" and "Most Just"? 

Did GOD create some Men and Jinns to be destined to hell?

After death, what would prevent a Muslim from entering Heaven?  Also, how long will the Disbelievers stay in Hell?

How does a Muslim get to Heaven, saved, reach a state of perfect harmony with God?

I liked your concept of God in Islam and that man can directly have fellowship with God.  But how does God stand the sin in man ? How does God see the sin between man and man?

Why should I convert to Islam?  What does Islam have to offer for me?  And how can you guarantee for me that I will be saved in the Life After through believing in Islam?


Apostates (renegades) and Human equality, and the hypocrites from the Muslims:

YES, freedom of Religion is allowed in Islam!  Islam totally disagree with Afghanistan's Taliban or any Muslim State that execute any Muslim for deserting Islam!  Islam also totally disagrees with killing any non-Muslim Missionaries trying to spread their religion in Muslim States.  See the proof for yourself from the Noble Quran.

Believe it or not, freedom of Religion IS NOT allowed in real Christianity!

Human equality in Islam V.S. Christianity.  See how the Bible's Old and New Testaments encourage slavery, and how Islam came to end the thousands of years old Pagan and Judeo-Christian slavery.

Muslims be careful from the Muslim hypocrites.

If the current Muslim nations are too corrupt, then Allah Almighty will change them with better ones.  In this article I showed from the Noble Quran how Allah Almighty might be changing the current corrupt Muslim nations with new ones from the Western nations.


The Islamic Government, Justice, and the Right for Education:

What is the definition of Democracy in Islam?  How does Islam practice Democracy?

What does Allah Almighty say about Justice for all in an Islamic State?

Men and Women have the right to seek education in Islam.


Friendship with non-Muslims, Good Manners, Breath and Body smell:

Does Islam really order Muslims to not take Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims as friends?

Good Manners in Islam.

What does Islam say about bad breath and body smell?


Other Islamic Articles and Laws:

Non of the four Caliphs was really perfect!  My rebuttal to the Muslim Sunni and Shia sects.

Was Adam created on Earth or in Heaven?

Is there mention of U.F.Os or other Human Planets in the Noble Quran?

Does Islam believe in Evolution?

What is Fasting in Islam?  And what is the Wisdom behind it?  What is Ramadan?

Is growing beards mandatory in Islam?

Imprisonment (Zoos) and Cruelty to animals are strictly forbidden in Islam.  Animals can roam 100s of square miles.  Locking them in cages is worse than life in prison with hard labor!  Please say no to Zoos.

Are Zoos allowed in Islam?  What does Islam say about animal cruelty?  Animals can roam 100s of square miles. Locking them in cages is worse than life in prison with hard labor! Please say no to Zoos and pets imprisonment (i.e., birds and fishes).

Is Islam a superstitious religion?

What does Islam say about bribery?

What does Islam think about reincarnation?

Is Banking in the West allowed in Islam?  Is dealing with interests allowed in Islam?

Can we call the Angel Gabriel peace be upon him the Holy Spirit?

Is Satan in Islam the same as Satan in the Bible?

Is gambling allowed in Islam?

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