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The Writtng's on the Wall

I've been waiting for so long. Now I've finally found someone to stand by me. We saw the writing on the wall. As we felt this magical fantasy.

Now with passion in our eyes, there's no way we could disguise it. So we take each other's hand, 'cause we seem to understand the urgency. Just remember, You're the one thing I can't get enough of. So I'll tell you something, this could be love because -

I've had the time of my life. No I never felt this way before. Yes, I swear it's the truth, and I owe it all to you .

Welcome to the "Writting's on the Wall"! For those of you coming back, you may notice my change in layout. I decided I needed something new and more organized. So for now, this will do. For those of you coming for the first time..what's taken you so long?! Huh? Just kiddin. I hope you enjoy your visit, and please, please sign the g-book! I would soo totally appreciate it! Any questions or comments can be emailed to me. And, I can't think of anything else to say so..excuse my bad intro!

Last Updated : Ocotber 28th, 200l

My heart goes out to all of those lost and left behind in this horrible tradgedy. I know we can get through this as a nation, and as a world. NO ONE can take our freedom or our spirits away. God Bless.

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