Her recently dyed blue streaks in her black hair were enhanced as the hot sun rose higher into the sky. Her brown eyes burned brightly as she planned her next move. Her opponents, five guys. One blond and another strawberry blond. To contrast those two, one black and one brown. Not to upset the balance of hair colors, one who changed his hair as frequently as diapers are changed in the United States.

The blond changed the color of the cards.

"Damn,"  she thought as her plan dissolved.  He caught it in her eyes and smiled mischeviously.

The next four players repeated the pattern, leaving her no choice but to draw from the deck.  One after another, she could not find the one she wanted.  However as the number of cards grew, so did her collection of harmful cards.  These were the cards that she was going to use for revenge.  The other four grimaced and laughed as she nearly held 30 cards while they only held 4 to 8 cards themselves, before finding the one she wanted.

She plotted her scheme and this time it would not fail.  During her planning, she did not let it go unnoticed that the black haired one had allied himself to her.  It was quite abnormal in this type of game, but it happens.  She flashed him a knowing smile.  And so the attack began.

The brown haired and hair changer were soon forgotten as they quickly finished the game crying out the word they needed to put down their last card.  The blond's eyes started to grow larger by the second as he began to notice his fate.

A whirlwind of skips, reverses, draw two's and draw four's stopped him from reaching hsi goal.  Putting down his last card, the lack haired one stepped out of the game and let the last two battle it out.

Both had exactly 5 cards left.  The challenge was to guess what the other would put down and what they had to counter the move.  
He put down a harmless yellow card. 

She grinned evilly as she put down a deadly card in a 2-player game.  Yellow skip, blue skip, red skip, and a green skip.  The blond was so stunned that he forgot to say "Uno!" before her and she gently placed her last card, a Wild Draw Four.

"That will teach you to mess with me when we play Uno again,Nick," she said to the blond.

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