Kevin and Kristen had gotten married a few months after AJ and Kay Kay. Brian and Leighanne were married a year later. Nick had just gotten married without them knowing a few days ago. They have yet to meet the happy couple. Poor Howie was married to his work as the CEO of real estate company, he had started up back 13 years ago. Now 7 years later on July 4th, they were all celebrating at Brian and Leighanne’s house in Atlanta.

Brian and Leighanne had a 4 year old son, Jeremy, that was the exact replica of Brian.  Kevin and Kristen’s 5 year old daughter, Melody, looked like Kristen, but had the personality of her solemn father.  AJ and Kay Kay had their hands full with 2 sets of identical twins.  The 6 year old boys, Alex and James, had AJ’s looks, but ganged up on him with Kay Kay.  The 2 girls, Alanna and Angel, at age 4 had her looks, but will eventually kill them both with heart attacks as they inherited AJ’s rebel personality.  The one thing all 4 kids had in common where the supernatural
looking eyes of their mother.

All the kids were playing in the pool while the adults sat around the pool, just talking.  They had just gotten to know Nick’s blushing bride, Sandra.

“Hey Howie, how come you don’t have a wife, yet?” AJ asked.

“I’ve been busy.  Plus, with a wife comes kids.  From how your kids are, I don’t think I want any kids.  Those things are terror.”

“But they’re so lovable,” Kay Kay said.

“I don’t care.  I don’t find Jeremy, Alanna or Angel so lovable,” he said.  He was referring to the time he had to babysit all of them in the office. Angel, Alanna, and Jeremy had snuck some crazy glue onto the toilet seat. Angel had also put something in his coffee, and he need to go bad!  So after he was done with his business, he tried to get up and go, but he was stuck and knew why the 3 had
been giggling every 2 minutes.  He had to conduct a whole conference, which lasted for 3 hours, in the bathroom.  His employees still talked about it.

“Aww…Mr. Dorough.  They aren’t that bad,” said Alice, the kids’ recently hired young nanny.
Howie turned to look at her and did a double take.  She was breath-taking.  “Um, Alice?”


“Would you like to tell me where you have been for the past 35 years?”

“All 5 of us will be united once again.  As the ‘Men Who Stupidly got Married,’” AJ predicted.

“Damn right,” Brian said as the other guys, except for Howie who was making goo goo eyes at Alice, quietly agreed.

“It’s too bad you think married to me is stupid, honey,” Kay Kay said.  “I think you should sleep on the couch tonight.”

“Brian, here’s coin for you guys to flip for the couch,” Leighanne said, as she tossed him one of those new quarters, a Kentucky one.

“It’s going to be a little crowded down there don’t you think, girls?” asked Kristen.  “But do you think there’s going to be room for Kevin?”

“If there’s room for Kevin, there should be room for Nick, too.”

“But honey, we just got married,” he whined.

“Too bad,” Sandra said as she got up and went into the house.  The others got up and followed her role.

Kay Kay whispered to Leighanne, “I like her.”

“Since there’s no use of talking them, and this is my house, I get the couch,” said Brian.

“I don’t think so.  It’s mine!” AJ said.

“I’m an old man, let me get the couch,” Kevin said.

“I’m the newly wed here.”

“So what?” They said as they went into the house.

“Damn, they took the couch!” AJ said.

“Nooooooooo!” they yelled in perfect harmony once more in their lives.

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