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Kristy's Korner Of The Web

Not much to say. Currently have 18 poems up in my poetry section. And have another roll of film that's almost done. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to finish it and have the good prints posted here.

Lately, my life as been getting sidetracked from fan fiction... sort of. In English I am required to write an "extended argument paper", meaning eight to ten pages of my view on any topic. And for my paper I have chosen fan fiction. But I haven't been writing all that much fiction. Wrote a couple Lord of the Rings slash stories, and got really bored so started a LotR actors Mary-Sue.

And when I figure it out I'm going to try to put up the videos I have been working on. I made one video to a Blind Gaurdian song, and doing two more: one to Nick Carter and the other to Queens of the Stone Age. But the files are bigger than I have room for, meaning I have to learn how to compress the files.

I suppose that would be about all for now.


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