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Armed with a toilet plunger and a rotating band of musicians, Sergio Iglesias is here to ruin the party.
Maybe you've seen Sergio Iglesias and Los Magnificos (Weasel Walter,Steve Touchton,Jake Lammert,Mariachi Tequila)
fill the Hemlock Tavern with a joyful, festive cacophony. Or caught Sergio Iglesias and Los Bulliciosos
(Touchton, Liz Albee, Eri Ishiyama, and M.C. Alfonso) nearly destroy the City College of San Francisco campus.
If you were lucky, you might've seen Iglesias with his signature plunger and a tape player
perform solo in and outside the Civic Center, Powell, and Montgomery BART stations, wailing atop trash cans,
plunging the ground, and bewildering tourists and locals alike. But even if you did see all these shows,
you still never know what to expect. Expect to be surprised.
(Sarah Han, San Francisco Bay Guardian)

Sergio Iglesias & The Latin Love Machine
Sergio Iglesias & The SS Love Machine
Sergio Iglesias & Los Chicos Puta
Sergio Iglesias & The 69 Beers
Sergio Iglesias & Los Rosaristas Diabolicos
Sergio Iglesias & Los Arrechos de Mierda
Sergio Iglesias & Los Pantalones Mojados
Sergio Iglesias & Los Magnificos
Sergio Iglesias & Los Bulliciosos
Sergio Iglesias & Los 3pleHijuePutas
Sergio Iglesias & Los Aguafiestas
Sergio Iglesias & Los Anticheveres
Sergio Iglesias & Los Burritos Mochos

Sergio Iglesias,
Jay Korber, Weasel Walter, Jacob Felix Heule,
Steve Touchton, Chris Touchton, Kunichiro Ueno,
Tiare Ribeaux, Makoto Nakayama, Mitsuhiro Yasuda,
Sachiko Suzuki, M. Yeda, Mateo Ulloa, Don Beto,
Bob Limp, Liz Albee, Jake Lammert, Paul Costuros,
Eric Park, Rob Spector, Simon Phillips, Sarah Bernet,
Shannon Walter, Eri Ishiyama, Natsuko Okui, Karen,
Eric Bower, Wade Jones, George Chen, Julian Carrillo, Dalton,
Dug, Jen, Miguel, Christian Miller, Tim DeGhoul,
MC Alfonso, Mariachi "Tequila!"

Sergio Iglesias other projects:
The Assbaboons of Venus, Lo-Fi Neisans, POPO, 3HPS
Headache Glutton, La Onda Cuatro, Lo-Fi Nissans,
FUCKWOLF, Lo-Fi Hachas, Los Miserables,
Chocolate Surprise (Chris, Steve, Paul, Sergio),
and P.I.K. (Park, Iglesias, Korber)

Also played with:
Masterpiece, Zeek Sheck, Masmelo,
Damien, She and The Party Patrol.